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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Students in the TekBots lab

Oregon State University offers the Pacific Northwest’s most innovative and hands-on undergraduate degree program in electrical and computer engineering. It takes learning beyond theory, allowing students to apply their knowledge from classes to create and modify their own robot. The core ECE curriculum covers:

  • electrical fundamentals
  • digital logic
  • electronics
  • systems & signals
  • computer networks
  • transmissions lines
  • computer organization
  • and the supporting disciplines of mathematics, physical sciences, and computer science

ECE Program Overview

Every student completes 122 credit hours of core classes. These classes provide a solid grounding in the fundamental knowledge in electrical and computer engineering.

The undergraduate program is divided into two halves. Lower-division (freshman and sophomore) courses comprise a program of pre-electrical and computer engineering study that a student completes before applying for entry into the upper-division professional program of electrical and computer engineering.

The pre-electrical and computer engineering courses may be taken at Oregon State University or at any accredited college or university that offers equivalent courses transferable to Oregon State. Students must apply to the College of Engineering for admission into the upper-division professional program in electrical and computer engineering. The college accepts professional program applications in the spring term for admission the following fall term.

In order to qualify for admission to the professional program, a grade of C or better must be earned in every pre-electrical and computer engineering core course. A course in which a grade of C- or lower is received must be repeated.

Applicants for admission are evaluated by the School and are ranked according to GPA in the pre-electrical and computer science core courses. The College Advising Guide details the manner in which the GPA is computed for ranking purposes.

Additional Information:

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