Accommodations for students with disabilities are determined and approved by Disability Access Services (DAS). If you, as a student, believe you are eligible for accommodations but have not obtained approval please contact DAS immediately at 541-737-4098 or at DAS notifies students and faculty members of approved academic accommodations and coordinates implementation of those accommodations. While not required, students and faculty members are encouraged to discuss details of the implementation of individual accommodations.

Students with documented disabilities who may need accommodations, who have any emergency medical information the instructor should be aware of, or who need special arrangements in the event of evacuation, should make an appointment with the instructor as early as possible, and no later than the first week of the term. Class materials will be made available in an accessible format upon request.

Late Policy

Requests for extensions are considered on a case by case basis. Non-emergency requests must be submitted via email at least 60 hours before the due date. (Not having enough time to get the assignment done does not, by itself constitute an emergency, sorry!). If you don't know if you will need an extension but might, you should ask for one. If no extension is requested the below scores will be used for regular homework assignments. This policy does not apply to the final project or the final exam. Those are not accepted past the due date without an emergency or prior agreement. Due to time constraints the how-to is only accepted up to 1 week late.

Time elapsed past due date Maximum Letter Percentage Possible
T < 12 hours 90
T < 24 hours 80
T < 2 weeks 70

Code Sharing

You will not get in trouble for sharing code in order to solve problems. The communication guide actually mandates that you share portions of your code if you want to ask a good question. If you are worried that you are posting too much code, mark it private and ask me to review it. Note that this is a more permissive policy than the standard policy for the program.

You will get in a great deal of trouble if you copy code without citing it. See the policy on plagiarism. Code from lectures is not your own, code from StackOverflow is not your own, code from the PHP documentation is not your own. If it is not your code you must cite it. If you cite it, you must provide documentation in very great detail of what it is doing so that I know you understand the code you are using.