Video Clips

  • Tawalin Opastrakoon ; Ryan Albright "TekBots, More than Machines" Terra, Summer 2007 Multimedia Content

    What People are Saying About TekBots

      Rick Anderson, Tektronix (28 mb)
        Anderson talks about what's in this program for everyone.
      Katy Nixon, Computer Engineering student (6.75 mb)
        Nixon says TekBots makes learning fun!
      Terri Fiez, EECS Director (19 mb)
        Fiez talks about the platforms for learning concept.
      Curt Nilson, Sandia National Labs (56 mb)
        Nilson likes the way TekBots teaches system integration to students.
      Roger Traylor, ECE Instructor (30 mb)
        Engineering is too hard not to be fun.