ECE 272: Digital Logic Laboratory

The TekBots platform is used in ECE 272: Digital Logic Lab, an introductory digital design course. The platform enables opportunities that facilitate learning both combinational and simple sequential designs. These designs are implemented using a Lattice FPGA through schematic capture and Verilog. Some examples of projects are a remotely operated vehicle and a semi-intelligent autonomous robot.

(Prerequisites: A basic TekBot from ECE 112 or ECE 199)

The following lab material requires Adobe Acrobot Reader to view.

dLogic Board
This lab uses an Mach X02 FPGA from Lattice Semiconductor.

Hardware Used

Software Used

Important Documents

Lab Manual

Complete ECE 272 Manual


Section 1: Basic Combinational Logic and the MachXO2

This section covers the basics of using the Lattice Diamond software to program an FPGA, and connecting the Lattice Breakout Kit to the button board.

Section 2: Combinational Logic (Custom Remote Control)


Design a wired remote to drive the TekBot.

Section 3: Combinational Logic (Seven Segment Driver)


Design a 7- segment display decoder.

Section 4: Modular Combinational Logic Using HDL


  • LED State Machine
  • Verilog Examples (Verilog 2008)
  • Lab4 Template (System Verilog)
  • Improve the functionality of the remote developed in Section 2. Add an analog timing board to automatically react to bumping into an object while driving the TekBot.

    Section 5: Finite State Machine Using HDL


    Design a digital state machine to control the TekBot's reaction to bumping into an object.

    Section 6: Final Design Project


    Design a system that will measure an analog voltage on the TekBot and display it using a multi-digit 7 segment display.
    ADC Module

    Appendix: System Overview

    • Lattice Breakout Board
    • Schematics
    • Silk Screens and Pinouts
    • Parts List and Suppliers