Mechanical Engineering Orientation

Legacy Course: Do NOT Use!

This page contains an example set of lab materials for a ficticious mechatronics based freshman orientation course.

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The following lab material requires Adobe Acrobot Reader to view.

Mechatronics Board

Hardware Used


Term Project Information

The Design Competition is a team event that exemplifies the fundamental principles of engineering. The goal of the mechatronics design competition is to design, build, and implement an autonomous system that accomplishes a specified task. Each student will acquire a mechatronics kit that will serve as a basis for developing the autonomous system. They will form groups of three, each student with their own mechatronics kit for a total of three kits per group. The task for each group will be identical and will be performed in the same designated area. The overall award will be given based on the best combination of engineering and aesthetic design, time and completion of task. Spirit of idea will also be considered in the overall competition.

Lab Manual

Complete Manual


Contains copyright information, table of contents, and information about the book formatting.

Section 1: Getting Started

This section is the quick start for Mechatronics kit. With this section you can get the mx_ctlr board up and running and verify that everything works.

Section 2: Laboratories

This section contains the example labs. The three labs build up simple knowledge about the mx_ctlr and connect to some of the topics covered in the lecture portion of the course.

Section 3: Board Experiments

This section several small experiments are shown that assist the user in learning about all of the features of the mx_ctlr and parts of the Mechatronics kit. All the experiments include code for rapid development.

Appendix A: Hardware

This section covers the features of the mx_ctlr in brief and offers a troubleshooting section at the end to assist with simple problems.

Appendix B: Installing CodeVision and mech_lib

The section covers the installation of CodeVision and the mech_lib as well as contains useful links to program code and other useful information.

Appendix C: Parts List

A list of parts contained in the Mechatronics Kit.

Appendix D: Schematic

The schematic for the mx_ctlr.0 circuit board.

Appendix E: Suppliers

A list of suppliers for the kit parts and components.