Digital Logic Controller (d_logic.2)

The digital logic kit comes with everything you need to try your hand at digital design. The preassembled board allows you to create many different types of digital systems including both combinational and sequential systems. The included parts packet lets you perform experiments both with and with out the TekBot basic system.

dlogic board
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Relevant Courses

  • ECE 272: Digital Logic Laboratory


  • 32 General input/output pins
  • Onboard Selectable Clock Generator
  • Onboard IR Communications
  • 4 Onboard Switches and LEDs

Included With Board

  • dLogic cPLD Board
  • Programmer and Cable
  • Experimentation Parts Packet


Digital Logic Board Project on BeaverSource

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: My d_logic board does not work. It gets very hot.
Answer: Look at the top of your board while it is powered up. Be sure that jumper J4 is inserted. A correectly functionaing board will have both D9 and D10 light up. If D10 is light and D9 is not on, likely you have a short in the 3.3V sections of the board. This can be improper wiring, scrap wire peices resting on the board, or the cPLD could have been damaged. Examine the board for wire scraps, and remove any wires plugged into the board. Retest.