CP2102 its high integration, built-in USB2.0 full-speed function controller, USB transceiver, crystal oscillator, EEPROM, and asynchronous serial data bus (UART), supports full-featured modem signals, without any external USB device. CP2102 with other USB-UART adapter circuit works similar to the PC through the driver's USB port into a virtual COM port in order to achieve the purpose of expansion.

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  • Included USB transceiver, without external circuit device
  • Includes a clock circuit, no external circuitry is needed
  • Includes power-on reset circuit
  • asynchronous serial data bus compatible with all handshake and modulation controller interface signals
  • Supported data format is 8 data bits, 1 stop bit and parity bits
  • connotation 512 byte receive buffer and 512 byte transmit buffer
  • Supports hardware handshaking or X-ON/X-OFF