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EECS ingenuity is behind new magnetic materials that are advancing computer memory, a new method to help scientists understand habitats of rare or endangered species, and a system to make rock concerts sound better by reducing distortion in speakers. It is also what drives alumni Alex Polvi and Brandon Philips, who are making a splash with their new company, CoreOS. We invite you to take few minutes to read EECS Ingenuity, the e-newsletter for the School of EECS, to find out more about the students, faculty and alumni that are breaking new ground at Oregon State.
V John Mathews
New School Head's Path to Oregon State

V John Mathews began his path to becoming head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State as early as grade school. That's when he first became interested in electronics, although he cannot remember where the idea came from. "All I know is, I wanted to be an electronics engineer," Mathews said. "I knew that a very long time ago and I never changed my mind. More...

Hannah Marvin
Making Magnets

Graduate and undergraduate students at Oregon State University are helping to break new ground for the next generation of high-performance electronic components and memory storage. The Applied Magnetics Lab is partnering with industry to bring major improvements to consumer products like cell phones and computers with better performing inductors and memory devices using advanced magnetic materials. More...

Xiaoli Fern and Raviv Raich
Taming Wild Data (not Wild Robots)

Could artificial intelligence take over the world? The question captured media attention recently when Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk joined the debate. Tom Dietterich, president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and distinguished professor of computer science at Oregon State University, has been at the forefront of the media discussion, giving an academic perspective on the issue. "We will not let AI run the world ... It's a technology that should be used to enhance our humanity," Dietterich said. More...

Alumnus Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS
Oregon State at Their Core

Friends since freshman year, Alex Polvi and Brandon Philips credit their experiences at Oregon State University with the trajectory of their careers. Most recently, they co-founded CoreOS, a company that brings Google-like server infrastructure to other companies. More...


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