New to OSU EECS? Here are the three computing accounts (same username and password),  you need to get:

  • ONID - OSU Network ID, campus wide and wireless access
  • Engineering - College of Engineering
    Please create/enable your ENGR account, if you have not already done so
  • EECS - School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (upon request) (same web space as Engineering)
  • For Faculty only - Exchange/Outlook access is available for email.


Servers URL
Linux CPU server:
Linux GPU server:
Windows/Mac print server:
Linux off campus EECS SSH server:
Linux off campus ENGR SSH server:
Linux off campus ONID SSH server:
Remote access to software applications via Citrix Remote Apps (In Firefox or Safari)

Wireless Network Name: OSU_Access
OSU_Secure [see instructions]

Technical Details

High Performance Computing Cluster


How Do I?

Getting Help