Tair Maimon, a sophomore in computer science and a member of the OSU swimming and diving team, was named to the Pac-12 All-Academic First Team. In order to be eligible for a Pac-12 All-Academic selection, a student-athlete must be in at least her second academic year at her current institution, while maintaining a grade-point average of at least 3.0 and participating in at least 50 percent of a team’s competitions.


Register for the EECS Graduation Celebration
Every year, EECS student clubs organize a School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Graduation Celebration. This event is shorter and more personal than the University wide graduation and is tailored to the faculty and students of our department. Be a part of the celebration!
Graduating EECS students from Oregon State wanting to participate in the School of EECS Graduation Celebration MUST register before MAY 31.


Underwater robotics
Sunday was the day the Oregon State University Robotics Club’s underwater team tested its robot in the pool at Dixon Recreation Center. But while the team did not get to use their pool time the way they wanted, its members may have picked up some deeper lessons about problem-solving and the process of engineering. Rob Macdonald, a sophomore in computer science who works on the robot’s control system, said the team recently installed a new computer system in the robot. Corvallis Gazette-Times

Secret weapon for stealth tech is from Dallas
ECE alumnus Denys Overholser can talk about it now. He can wax poetic about calculating radar cross-sections and designing faceted surfaces that deflect radar waves, techniques he used 40 years ago to pilot a breakthrough in stealth technology. Overholser was a member of Skunk Works, the legendary band of scientists and engineers who worked on top secret projects for Lockheed Martin. Salem Statesman Journal


Three of every 10 Beavers is an ENGINEER
Of the 29,576 Oregon State students tallied in this year’s official enrollment summary, 8,265 — just about 3 of every 10 — are engineering majors. By comparison, the next biggest group, liberal arts, has 3,905 majors. Oregon Stater Magazine

Sophisticated phone scammers are targeting Oregon college students, Treasurer Ted Wheeler says
Oregon college students need to be aware of a new and sophisticated phone scam from an impersonator claiming to represent an obscure state treasury office. The scam artists are reportedly telling students they are from the Oregon 529 Network, a treasury office that helps arrange education-focused savings accounts. The Oregonian

IBM: As workforce is 'rebalanced,' we're hiring in strategy areas
Strategic focus areas — business units such as analytics and cloud computing — are on the rise at IBM, the Armonk, New York-based computer services firm. According to Chief Financial Officer Martin Schroeter, in cyber-security alone, IBM recently hired 1,000 experts. But he said if the talent had been available, Big Blue would have hired 2,000. New York Business Journal

You need an income of $60,195 to 'live comfortably' in Portland, study says
The report, released Monday, compared costs of living and needed income in 50 of the largest cities nationwide. GOBankingRates surveyed costs of living expenses, such as rent and food, and then doubled the amount to see how much is required to follow the so-called 50-30-20 budgeting rule. That budget puts half of a person's income to necessities, 30 percent to discretionary costs and 20 percent toward debt or savings. The Oregonian

Intel layoffs: More seismic changes to come
The 12,000 layoffs Intel announced Tuesday are only the beginning of the chipmaker's monumental overhaul. After confirming its layoffs Tuesday, Intel notified employees that it will set decisions on site closures by April 25. The Oregonian


Academic Coaching - Available now!
Academic coaching is a free resource on campus designed to help you achieve your goals. Academic coaches can help you identify and implement personal solutions to challenging issues or areas of performance. The goal of coaching is to help you reach your full potential and achieve optimal performance. Coaching is for students of all GPAs, majors, and interests. Schedule an appointment today!

Computer Science Projects from MindSumo
MindSumo partners with employers to create projects that you can complete to get work experience, win prizes, and be hired for jobs and internships. Questions can be directed to aaron@mindsumo.com.

Statewide Cleantech Challenge
Do you have an inspired solution to one of today's most pressing environmental problems? Take your environmental innovation from idea to reality and compete for $50,000 in grants and prizes. Now inviting applications from all Oregon community colleges and universities. Form your teams and submit your application by May 6th.

Volunteer at Robotics Club Store (formerly IEEE Store)
Have you ever lost a critical component in the middle of a lab? Want to build a cool robot? The Robotics Club Store has the parts you need! We need volunteers to staff the store. By volunteering, you get the ability to make purchases outside of normal hours, see what other students are working on, and add experience to your resume. You don't need to be an electronics whiz to volunteer; all majors are welcome. When not helping customers, you can do homework or work on projects with the tools in the store.

Volunteers Needed – Wave Lab Open House
Are you interested in learning more about the Wave Lab? Volunteer for the Mom’s weekend Open House and you can become an expert wave lab tour guide. The Wave Lab is hosting an open house Saturday April 30th from 1-4 pm and we need tour guides. The tour is a short 20 minute laboratory tour and training is provided along with posters situated at each station, and typically tour guides provide tours in pairs. Tour guides will receive a wave lab t-shirt. There are two volunteers shifts 12:30 to 2:30 and 2:00 to 4:30. Tour guide trainings are scheduled from 2:30 3:30 on April 27 and 28, or at other times by request. If you are interested in volunteering for the Mom’s weekend Open House please sign-up here: http://signup.engr.oregonstate.edu/.

CUE (Celebrate Undergraduate Excellence) 2016 poster event
The event will be held on Friday May 13, 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM, in the Student Experience Center Plaza. Projects you’ve created, research you’ve conducted, things you’ve invented — you’ve accomplished a lot already. Now it’s your turn to showcase it in a formal, résumé-building presentation. All OSU undergrads are eligible to present solo or group projects that are in progress or have already been completed. Register by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 27.


A Report on Shape Deformation with a Stretching and Bending Energy
Monday, April 25, 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM, COVL 216
Alan Hui Zhao, Visiting Scholar, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Effective network security in the golden age of online threats
Tuesday, April 26, 3:30, 220 Deschutes Hall, University of Oregon
Lorenzo De Carli, University of Wisconsin-Madison
NOTE: This is not part of the EECS colloquium series.

Geometrical Approaches for Analyzing and Visualizing High Dimensional Data
Thursday, April 28, 3:30pm, 220 Deschutes Hall, University of Oregon
Samuel Gerber, University of Oregon
NOTE: This is not part of the EECS colloquium series.

A System of Systems Framework for Autonomy, Big Data Analytic, and Cloud Infrastructure
Monday, May 2, 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM, KEC 1003
Mo Jamshidi, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas, San Antonio

New Ingredients in the Pot - Rethink Analog IC Design
Nan Sun, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UT Austin
Monday, May 9, 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM, Covell 216

2016 Distinguished Professor Lecture: "Womenomics" and Gender-Inclusive Software: What Software Practitioners Need to Know
Tuesday, May 24, 2:00 PM, Memorial Union Horizon Room
Margaret Burnett, Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


PhD Oral Preliminary Examination – Majid Alkaee Taleghan
Simulator-Defined MDP Planning with Applications in Resource Management
Monday, May 2, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, KEC 1114
Major Advisor: Thomas Dietterich; Committee: Rebecca Hutchinson, Xiaoli Fern, Prasad Tadepalli; GCR: John Dilles


Wave Lab Open House
Saturday April 30th, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory (3550 SW Jefferson, west of 35th street on Jefferson) will be hosting an open). The OSU Wave Lab is the largest tsunami research facility in the US, and will be open for 20 minute guided tours and demonstrations. Tours start every 5 minutes on a first come, first served, basis and cover tsunami research, coastal hazards in Oregon, and coastal engineering. For any questions, please contact Alicia Lyman-Holt alicia.lyman-holt@oregonstate.edu.

Progressive Research in the Diversity of Engineering
Monday, May 2, 4-5 pm, Kearney 305
Hear from Dr. Adam Kirn, Assistant Professor of Engineering Education at University of Nevada, whose work is focused on progressing the understanding of the role of diversity in engineering — reconceptualizing it as both an expansion of visual measures (e.g. race/ethnicity, gender expression, etc.) as well as latent measures (e.g. attitudes and beliefs). The role of this conceptualization of diversity in engineering education is being explored through three NSF-funded projects which will be discussed at this talk. Read more: http://stem.oregonstate.edu/kirn-talk-2016.

2016 Distinguished Professor Lecture: "Womenomics" and Gender-Inclusive Software: What Software Practitioners Need to Know
Tuesday, May 24, 2:00 PM, Memorial Union Horizon Room
Margaret Burnett, Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Rockwell Collins Aero Scholarships
Rockwell Collins is sponsoring two, $2,000 scholarships for college students pursuing an aerospace-related degree. These awards are facilitated by the Aerospace States Association (ASA) and are open to students attending U.S. institutions. Eligible students should be entering sophomore or junior year in an undergraduate degree program pursuing study in the areas of physical sciences, engineering, or aviation or aerospace related fields. Application deadline: April 30.

ACM SIGHPC/Intel Computational & Data Science Fellowships
ACM SIGHPC and Intel are excited to announce a new international program of graduate fellowships, beginning in 2016. The goal is to increase the diversity of students pursuing graduate degrees in data science and computational science, including women as well as students from racial/ethnic backgrounds that have not traditionally participated in the computing field. The program will support students pursuing degrees at institutions anywhere in the world. Application deadline: April 30.

Oregon NASA Space Grant Scholarships and Fellowships
The Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium (OSGC) is pleased to offer scholarships and fellowships for community college and undergraduate students in the STEM fields and graduate students enrolled in an MAT program in STEM education. Scholarships and fellowships are open to students attending OSGC member institutions. Application deadline is May 20.


8 Tips for Rocking Your First Day at a New Job
From figuring out what to wear to remembering where your new cube is, all while trying to learn the ropes and make a good first impression on your new boss and co-workers, your first day at a new job can be absolutely terrifying. The Muse

Practical Networking Tips for Introverts
It took me years to find the type of networking that works for me. It's more natural, more organic. It doesn't happen in large settings, and usually doesn't involve me thinking up questions in advance. And it certainly does not make me have an anxiety attack because I’m worrying about being interested and interesting. Ellevate

12 Interview Moves That'll Lose You the Job Faster Than You Can Send a Thank You Note
It doesn’t matter how charming you are over the phone if, when the time comes for an in-person meeting, your enthusiasm doesn’t translate. Body language and overall behavior can (and often do) tell a whole different story. The Muse


Student Web Developer - Combustion, Ignition, Radiation, and Energy Laboratory, School of MIME
The Combustion, Ignition, Radiation, and Energy Laboratory in the School of MIME is looking for a junior or sophomore level student to work with the research group is updating and maintaining a group website. Students must have experience with website development to qualify and experience with using Drupal is advantageous. Interested students should contact Dr. Blunck (David.Blunck@oregonstate.edu) by 5/2/2016.

Computer Science Teaching Assistants and Instructors - Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is seeking instructors and teaching assistants for our summer programs. CTY offers challenging academic programs for highly talented elementary, middle, and high school students from across the country and around the world. Positions are available on the East and West coasts at residential and day sites at colleges, universities, and schools, with room and board provided on campus to all staff at our residential sites. We are currently seeking individuals for a number of courses, including: Fundamentals of Computer Science, Data Structures and Algorithms, Advanced Robotics, Introduction to Robotics.

Student Intranet project - 2 Towns Ciderhouse
2 Towns Ciderhouse would like to start using an Intranet to improve our internal communication. Our CEO approved my reaching out to OSU's EECS program to see if there might students interested in this project in exchange for internship credits or as a term or thesis project. I've designed a survey that will gauge what kinds of features our employees would like to have available, if that's useful.

Student App Developer - OSU SportUp Club
OSU student-athlete senior is looking for an EECS student to collaborate with on an athletic related app project. The app, called REVIVE, is a product of the OSU SportUp Club, which helps develop business ideas related to athletics and create and market the project with the help of investors. This app focuses on tracking athletic performance and recovery, and aims to bridge the communication gap between coach and athlete. This app is the first of its kind, and will be revolutionary in the athletic world. REVIVE will be featured on PAC12 networks and within the OSU athletic department media, and would be a great experience with unique networking potential for an OSU student app developer. If you are interested, please contact Maureen Tremblay at tremblma@oregonstate.edu, or view the app promo video at https://vimeo.com/159620765 to see more.

Summer undergraduate research assistants (URAs)
URAs needed for Assembly Planning research. Computer science students are sought this summer to join a research group under the direction of Prof. Matt Campbell working on an AI system to plan the assembly of complex industrial products. URAs will work in lab in Rogers Hall for the summer with a team of 4 researchers and three industrial partners (GE, CAT, and ESI North America). Your summer efforts will include working with virtual reality, complex 3D models, and the .NET environment. URAs are expected to work from 10 to 30 hours per week. To apply, send you resume to matt.campbell@oregonstate.edu

Student Information Technology (COSINE Helpdesk) Student
Cosine IT Services is hiring for a student helpdesk position that starts next fall. Members of the Cosine helpdesk are the first line of technical support for the Colleges of Science, Liberal Arts, Education and a few departments in the College of Agriculture at Oregon State University. The student must have at least two years left in their program and be willing to work a minimum of 10 hours.

Student worker - OSU Civil and Construction Engineering
Develop a mobile app that can internally use equations and user input for environmental factors to help construction personnel in the field to better know the setting time of asphalt binder.

Engineering/Creative Technology Internships - The Lodge @ Wieden+Kennedy
The Lodge is the creative technology group at W+K -- we're a team of creative minded engineers and designers that work on projects ranging from mobile apps, to VR, platforms, installations, robotics, fabrication, electronics and more. We're searching for candidates for a 3-month internship this summer -- specifically curious, creative engineers that want to make things and are willing to write code to get it done. A strong interest in a non-CS topic and the application of CS to that domain is ideal. Bottom line is we're looking for flexible, curious graduating seniors that want to come up with great ideas, prototype them, and hopefully carry them to completion.

Electrical Manufacturing Engineer Intern - FLIR
Main responsibilities will include process development/documentation, production support, and new product development for all levels of our airborne gimbal products. Sample projects and responsibilities include: Design and implement automated tests for electromechanical sub-assemblies. Assess and improve PCBA tests for increased coverage and debug. Convert proprietary C application from WinXP to Win7. Analyze and improve PCBA electrical failure analysis process and equipment. Assist in the launch of new products.

Autodesk Summer Internship Positions
As a summer intern in Autodesk's Product Development Group, you will work as part of the Strategy & Research team to develop software prototypes that demonstrate the use of existing and emerging technology to solve problems in design for a wide range of customers. Project topics focus on design intelligence and decision-making within a multi-disciplinary design collaboration environment. The aim of the various projects is to develop methods that will automate tasks within and between design and manufacturing. Some of the projects will include work within additive manufacturing and advanced materials. The student interns will work with the Autodesk technical team to define, design, implement, demonstrate, and present their work and results over the course of the internship.

Intern, Analog - Mixed-Signal (ADC) IC - Nokia
In this role, you will be responsible for designing innovative Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits for use in an Analog-Digital Converter (ADC) that will be used in the delivery of a disruptive transceiver chipset. Disruptive RF design techniques are warranted to address the proliferation of 5G, to be supported by cost-effective hardware. As a member of the NET RFIC team, you will be an active contributor to team goals and, therefore, have a proven track record of professionalism. You enjoy working independently but, with an introspective critical viewpoint of conventional design techniques. As Intern, Mixed-Signal (ADC) IC you will effectively communicate your design ideas to fellow designers and to Lead Architect.

Intern, Analog / RF IC - Nokia
In this role, you will be responsible for designing innovative Analog and Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFICs) that will be used in the delivery of a disruptive transceiver chipset. Disruptive RF design techniques are warranted to address the proliferation of 5G, to be supported by cost- effective hardware. As a member of the NET RFIC team, you will be an active contributor to team goals and, therefore, have a proven track record of professionalism. You enjoy working independently but, with an introspective critical viewpoint of conventional design techniques. As Intern, RF IC you will effectively communicate your design ideas to fellow designers and to Lead Architect.

Basefit Software Developer/Entrepreneurship Internship - Cambia
This software development engineer will be a member of Cambia’s Innovation Force, a small focused team that analyzes and posits elegant solutions to complex problems in the healthcare industry. Responsibilities include rapid prototyping of multiple solutions to a specific problem and iterative refinement of solutions with consumer response. The position requires frequent interaction and effective communication within a diverse multi-disciplinary team.

LifeMap Migration Internship - Cambia
As a LifeMap Migration Intern, you will: Participate in a team environment to migrate data from one system to another. Accurately inputs information into the system while maintaining productivity, accuracy and dependability requirements as established by department. Organize, keep current and readily accessible, all references, documents, policies and procedures. Look for ways to improve efficiencies. Track and report time spent on tasks as required.

Process Engineer - Hitachi
The Process Engineer I main objective is to provide process engineering support to SED's various demonstration labs, customer activities, and development programs. The employee must be willing to travel to Japan for a 1-3 month training assignment if necessary. This is a developmental position. Engineer is initially spending approximately 75% of their time in training and under close supervision while typically receiving detailed instructions for most tasks. Position is expected to acquire job skills, learn company policies and procedures, perform routine tasks, enhance process development skills and acquire hardware proficiency.

Junior Software Engineer - Kronos
You will take on junior level responsibilities in a tightly knit lean/agile team practicing XP. We build distributed cloud-based & on-premise enterprise solutions for the clinical & hospital vertical. We work on the Windows platform, and our tools are C#, JavaScript, Microsoft ASP.NET, and SQL. You will be mentored intensively and given a constantly growing level of responsibility as your programming and design skills rapidly develop.

CAReer - The Top Talent Program - Mechatronics Architecture Engineer - Daimler Trucks North America
CAReer - The Top Talent Program seeks entry-level professionals who have recently graduated with an advanced degree to participate in an organization-wide rotational training program before beginning full-time positions with Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA). The program lasts approximately 15 to 18 months and sends the participants on three project rotations. The trainee spends 4 months in their target area getting to know colleagues, the work environment and the group’s day-to-day business. The trainee spends the remainder of the program on two assignments, one cross-divisional and one international, to give a better understanding of Daimler’s diverse, global operations. Throughout the rotations, he or she attends three training modules abroad with other CAReer participants. At these training modules participants network with other trainees from multiple areas within Daimler AG.

Full-time Systems Engineer - OSU Open Source Lab
The Open Source Lab is looking for a full-time systems engineer who would also mentor student developers. This person would need to be familiar with a number of software programs and be comfortable working with all stages of the infrastructure. Closes April 19. For more information, visit http://osuosl.org/about/employment.

Partial list of jobs posted in the past week through LinkedIn (these are just a few of the hundreds of jobs listed). Sample jobs:

Don’t forget to check out the AfterCollege job site, tailored especially for our EECS students:


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