Inventor with Cordova ties competes for $1.5 million grand prize
Working out of a tiny garage in Portland, Oregon, engineers Alex Hagmüller (2009 BS ME) and his partner Max Ginsburg (2010 BS ECE) might change the future of renewable energy. Hagmüller and Ginsburg make up team AquaHarmonics and they’re in the final round of competition in the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Wave Energy Competition. The contest intends to reduce the cost of electricity produced by current wave energy converters. “In 2005, we both were accepted to Oregon State University’s engineering program,” Hagmüller said. “Max for electrical engineering and myself for mechanical engineering.” The Cordova Times

World Maker: Nvidia CEO A New Billionaire As Company Thrives On Graphic Chips For Video Games, AI
Without Jen-Hsun Huang (BSEE 1984), zombies would be less frightening, blood spatters less realistic and alien worlds less detailed. His Nvidia doesn’t make video games; it makes the high-end computer chips–the graphics processing units, or GPUs–that help a computer render ultra-detailed images at lightning speeds. “Huang has been an effective visionary and evangelist for these chips,” says Craig A. Ellis, an analyst at B. Riley & Co., an investment bank. Forbes

HWeekend Spring 2016
HWeekend is a hardware development competition that brings students of all levels and majors together with industry and faculty mentors to create something new — all packed into an intense weekend of activity. EECS (video)


OpenPOWER: Rewriting the Rules of Data Center Innovation
What started as a risky experiment two years ago has grown into a full-blown revolution. The OpenPOWER Foundation, the open technical community based on the open and licensable POWER architecture, has grown from the original five charter members in 2014 to more than 250 organizations from around the world today. This growing ecosystem enables members to share expertise, investment, and server-class intellectual property to serve the evolving needs of customers and the industry. IBM/Rani Borkar

Nvidia Unveils Powerful New Processor for Self-Driving Cars
Nvidia is driving forward its ambitions in the fast-growing autonomous vehicle space with a powerful new mobile processor that pairs its latest Denver 2.0 CPU and Pascal-based GPUs to power deep-learning applications that will make cars smart enough to recognize and respond to obstacles such as bikers and pedestrians. Company executives have identified both artificial intelligence and autonomous cars as key growth markets, and have added to Nvidia's portfolio in the automotive space over the past several months. At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang introduced the Drive PX 2, a computer designed for self-driving cars that he said had the massive amount of computing power needed for autonomous vehicles to find their way along complex and congested roads full of obstacles and challenges. eWeek


2016 IEEE Maker Project
This is your opportunity to show the world the work that has been keeping you up at night. So if you are tirelessly tinkering with a tech project that solves complex problems and has applications in the real world, and can use an extra $500, we want to hear from you. Top vote-getters in each category will be sent to our expert panel of judges who will select one finalist from each category. Deadline: September 17, 2016


MS Final Examination – Luyao Zhang
Tuesday, August 30, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, KEC 4107
RNA Secondary Structure Prediction using Neural Machine Translation
Major Advisor: Liang Huang; Committee: Fuxin Li, Yue Zhang

MS Final Examination – Pranjal Mittal
Thursday, September 1, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM, KEC 3057
Benchmarking Linux Containers and Virtual Machines
Co-Major Advisors: Carlos Jensen, Rakesh Bobba; Committee: Kevin McGrath; GCR: Kathy Mullet

PhD Oral Preliminary Examination – James Cross
Thursday, September 1, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM, KEC 1007
Parsing with Recurrent Neural Networks
Major Advisor: Liang Huang; Committee: Prasad Tadepalli, Xiaoli Fern, Alan Fern; GCR: Brett Tyler

MS Final Examination – William Leslie
Thursday, September 1, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM, KEC 2114
Benchmarking and Programming Practices for the Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor
Major Advisor: Mike Bailey; Committee: Kevin McGrath, Eugene Zhang


NSA Mathematics & Computer Science Student Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree (AA,AS, BA,BS, MS, PhD) in the fields of computer science, computer engineering, or mathematics. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Must be a U.S. Citizen.

NSA Electrical Engineering Student Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students pursuing a degree in the field of electrical engineering. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Must be a U.S. Citizen.

AfterCollege STEM Inclusion Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree in a field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics from a group underrepresented in their field of study. Underrepresented groups may be defined by: gender, race, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, nationality and other non-visible differences. Minimum 3.0 GPA.

AfterCollege Succurro Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students in an accredited program, working toward a degree (AA, AS, BA, BS, MA, MS, MFA, PhD, MD, JD, etc.) in any discipline. Minimum 2.5 GPA.


MATLAB Seminar
Wednesday, August 31, Kearney Hall, Room 305
Complimentary MATLAB seminar for educators, academic researchers and students at Oregon State University

Session One: 10:00am – 12:00pm (registration and sign-in begins at 9:45am) Introduction to MATLAB and Parallel Computing In this session, we will demonstrate how to acquire, visualize, and analyze data to support various data analysis workflows. We will also discuss way to speed up analysis by using parallel and distributed computing techniques.

Session Two: 12:30pm – 1:30pm (registration and sign-in begins at 12:15pm) Teaching with MATLAB In this session, MathWorks engineers will discuss the latest resources and tools that faculty can use for developing engaging MATLAB-based courses that are flexible, maintainable and expandable – while preparing the students for their careers.

How To Land a Tech Job in Oregon
Wednesday, September 7, 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM, Simple - 1615 Southeast 3rd Avenue #200, Portland, OR (Tickets $15 for students, $20 others)
Join Mac’s List at our next quarterly networking event to learn more about job opportunities in the technology sector. Our panel of Portland-area tech experts will share their perspectives on the rapidly growing industry, identify the most in-demand skills, and explain how to improve your chances of landing a job with a tech company. This special event kick-starts the 2016 Portland Tech Crawl and will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to network with technology firms.


5 Common Habits That Are Turning People Off (Even Though You're Pretty Awesome)
Being likable can come down to the smallest things. You may be doing things that make people dislike like you. Once or twice may not matter, but if it’s a habit, it could cost you valuable opportunities. Here are a few behaviors you have to tamp down if you want people to like you. The Muse

Is This the Reason You Keep Getting Interviews That Don't Turn Into Offers?
Maybe this sounds familiar, and you can even think of a couple of offers you were surprised not to get. You’ve always approached the interview as if it were an interrogation plain and simple. The employer grills you so she can see if you have the right stuff. Meanwhile, you wait for your turn to speak. The Muse


Intro to Computer Science (CS) 101 Teaching Assistant - OSU Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Mentoring, grading, holding office hours, helping with recitations, helping with 2 hour labs, and attending TA meetings. These duties will vary depending on the specific course.

Student Information Technology Pool (IT Consultant) - OSU Information Services Service Desk in Client Services
Members of the IS Service Desk are the first line of technical support for Community Network clients and students, staff & faculty at Oregon State University. Client Services is responsible for all aspects of IT support for its customers. Client Services is a diverse organization made up of 50+ student employees and 20 full-time staff working in three primary functional areas: Service Desk, Community Network and Campus Labs.

Student Engagement Makerspace & Program Assistant - OSU Engagement Makerspace
This position provides support for the Engagement Makerspace in Buxton Hall (a student residence hall) including routine maintenance to all equipment, cleaning duties, training students to use the equipment, and general supervision of equipment use. This position also supports the Student Engagement director, program managers, and office admin.

R&D AI Programmer - Tsugi
Are you ready for the adventure of your life? Move to Japan and let’s develop the future of creative tools together! As part of our R&D team, you will design smart tools and real-time systems that will be used by major Japanese and Western studios (game and movie) across their projects. You will also work on our own products such as GameSynth, DataSpace and their successors. Short-term contracts and internships are also available.

Research Associate-Signal Processing - OSU Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
The person in this position will be working closely with Dr. V John Mathews in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) on research in signal processing as well as its applications in structural health monitoring, neural engineering and robotics. This person will work on publications and proposals with Dr. Mathews in these areas and interact with sponsors.

Information Technology Consultant - OSU University Housing & Dining Services
The Information Technology Consultant has a varying level of responsibility for direct consultative support and training to students, staff, and faculty on information technology-based systems primarily in the areas of applications, software, multimedia, database resources, server support, network support, and includes a moderate degree of hardware consultation and support.

Information Security Analyst - OSU Office of Information Services Central Administration
The Information Security Analyst (Analyst) identifies risks to information assets and data systems, ensuring compliance with university policies, industry standards, relevant regulations, and security best practices. Serving as a resource person, this position assesses systems, processes, and projects and interacts with internal and external technical staff and consults with project teams. The Analyst works closely with Information Services, other IT units, and Internal Audit to design, test, implement and operate an array of information security tools and devices. This position is involved in InfoSec Incident response, including forensics analysis.

Analyst Programmer - OSU University Shared Services Enterprise
The purpose of this position is to perform systems analysis and design, determine application systems and programming specifications, write and test computer programs, write documentation, and provide on-going maintenance and support of the USSE supported Banner ERP systems, data warehouses, and other related systems.

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