Engineering Out Loud: Polyphony of Inclusivity
Inclusivity means listening to all voices — creating a beautiful polyphonic sound. Learn about Distinguished Professor Margaret Burnett’s mission to change the way software is designed to be more gender inclusive. Also, meet her former student Kyle Rector, now at University of Iowa, who designed software to help people with vision impairments learn yoga.

This creepy robot can explore nuclear sites and deliver pizza
A team of engineers from Oregon State University recently unveiled a new walking robot called Cassie that they say can revolutionize the delivery and shipping industries. Its bipedal design can help it reach places that wheeled robots cannot. The OSU team of engineers spun off a company called Agility Robotics from the university to develop and sell the bipedal robots. CNBC

Afraid of A.I. taking your job? Yep, you likely are
Some scientists, like Tom Dietterich, a professor and director of intelligent systems at Oregon State University, say smart systems should start to act as increasingly powerful digital assistants that will be used to help people train and do their jobs. CIO


Tech, economic insiders talk Portland's talent, nuanced future
The Portland metro is no stranger to topping "livability" lists thanks to its quality of life and the growing job market, particularly in technology and other “knowledge” jobs. The common theme from the panelists: Companies are moving or opening offices where employees want to live. And people are choosing where to live before figuring out a career. Portland Business Journal

Intel’s diversity efforts are somewhat paying off
It became clear in last year’s mid-year diversity report that Intel had a leaky bucket, meaning that even though it had increased the number of underrepresented minorities it was bringing in, its overall minority representation was on the decline. Based on Intel’s latest diversity report, it seems the company is moving in the right direction when it comes to retention of diverse employees. TechCrunch


Configure, Design, and Promote a Successful Website Spring term!
CRN 57358, 4 Credits Prereqs: Experience with HTML and CSS. Contact Pam Van Londen at or 541-737-8627.
CS 295 Web Management will focus on:

  1. Exploring Frameworks and Content Management Systems.
  2. Managing a domain and server account.
  3. Managing Google and Bing Webmaster tools.
  4. Promoting a site with rich content.
  5. Analyzing promotional campaign results.
  6. Learning responsive techniques using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  7. Designing with color and vector graphics.

Graduate Student Mock Interview event with Intel
Saturday, March 11 | 9am - 4pm | Portland State University Engineering Building
Intel India Oregon, an employee group is organizing mock interview and resume critique sessions for graduate and senior students entering the technical job market soon. These sessions are a great resource to polish your resume, learn about the industry and get interview experience. The sessions are conducted by Intel volunteers. Once you register, you would receive details on your assigned time slot, how to reach the venue, where to report etc. You would also receive instructions on how to prepare for the sessions. Registration deadline: March 7.

Student Entrepreneur Program (SEP)
Aspiring collegiate female entrepreneurs studying in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) or Business receive mentoring from the most successful Women's Business Enterprises and America's largest Fortune 500 companies while also participating in a tailored entrepreneurial curriculum, a pitch competition awarding $10,000 in seed capital and experiential learning through off-site visits to Women's Business Enterprises, corporate campuses, and accelerators. The program is free for students who are accepted into SEP. The program will be held June 18 – 23 in Las Vegas, NV during the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair. Application deadline: March 10.

Digital Photography for Engineering Students
Art 263 Section 3 | Tues & Thurs 16:00-17:00 | Fairbanks 104
This course covers the technical and practical aspects of photography with an emphasis on developing visual language skills and developing an individual creative voice. This section is tarted specifically toward engineering students. In this studio course, you learn how to take advantage of digital photography in the realm of engineering through assignments, class projects, hands-on experiences, and studio practice.

Alternative spring break volunteer opportunity
The Corvallis chapter of ChickTech is looking for some fabulous volunteers to help with a virtual reality (VR) workshop during the first few days of spring break. These volunteers would help us lead activities with middle and high school students in the 4-H/Juntos program (Juntos is a program that supports students and their parents in the Latinx community). Activities will involve working with Google Cardboard and 360 cameras to generate photospheres and videos. No prior experience is necessary, although fluency in Spanish is a plus! The event will take place March 27th-28th in Hood River and the Dalles, Oregon (we will also be hanging out in the gorge on the 29th for fun). ChickTech and Juntos will provide transportation, food, and lodging for all volunteers. We will be carpooling from Corvallis the morning of the 27th and returning the afternoon of the 29th. If you are interested, please email Margaret Mellinger at or call her at 541-760-8015.

SWE Evergreen Space Museum Tour
Saturday, March 11 | 1:00 p.m. | Evergreen Air and Space Center, McMinnville
The Willamette Valley chapter of the Society of Women Engineers is hosting a guided tour of the Space Museum at the Evergreen Air and Space Center in McMinnville, Oregon. Enjoy learning about lunar rovers, space capsules, rockets, and global space programs with students, faculty, and professionals in your community. The museum is great for all ages so bring your friends and family and make a day of it! All are welcome. The group rate for adult admission for 15+ participants is $10 for the Space Museum only, and you can pay an additional $8 for entrance (bring exact cash) and a guided tour of the Aviation Museum with the option to see a movie in the theater as well. Transportation is not provided but carpooling is encouraged. The tour will begin at 1:00 PM In the lobby of the Space Museum, followed by networking and exploration on your own. Please RSVP by March 9th, arrange for carpooling, and direct any questions to Dr. Nordica MacCarty,

2017 Hack for a Cause
Attention students, developers, and professional with any type of talent you would like to share with the world: Finally, A HACKATHON RIGHT HERE IN EUGENE! We're challenging you to use your powers for good and improve downtown livability in the most creative way possible. Oh yeah...and you only get 48 HOURS to do it! We are currently SEEKING challanges for 2017.

Applications for 2017 AAUW National Conference for College Women Student Leaders are now open; 2 scholarships are available
May 31–June 3, 2017, University of Maryland, College Park
As America’s premier conference for college women, NCCWSL provides a transformative experience for attendees and prepares them to be the next generation of leaders. With sessions designed to address the needs of both current and aspiring leaders, NCCWSL is a perfect offering to enhance the leadership opportunities already available to students. Send requests for a scholarship application to


Data-Driven Behavioral Analytics with Networks
Presented by Meng Jiang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Thursday, March 2 | 3:30 p.m. talk, refreshments following talk | 220 Deschutes Hall, University of Oregon
NOTE: This is not part of the EECS colloquium series.


PhD Final Oral Examination – Sheng Chen
Tuesday, March 7 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM | KEC 2057
Object Tracking-by-Segmentation in Videos
Major Advisor: Alan Fern; Committee: Sinisa Todorovic, Fuxin Li, Prasad Tadepalli; GCR: Kyle Niemeyer


REU in Eco-Informatics - Oregon State University
I have a funded REU position for an EECS student to join the Eco-Informatics Summer Institute, an interdisciplinary research program involving undergrads in computer science, mathematics, and environmental science. Participants spend the first eight weeks at the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest. Students collect field data on the interactions between plant and pollinator species and design and implement analyses of these data. If interested, send a resume and unofficial transcript to Rebecca Hutchinson ( Students with background in probability/statistics, AI, and machine learning will be particularly well qualified.

QESST Engineering Research Center - Arizona State University
The QESST Engineering Research Center offers undergraduates the opportunity to participate in solar energy research. Bridge the gap between the typical “research” devices and commercial solar cells, allowing fabrication and analysis of technologies on commercial-size devices and commercial equipment. Students must be enrolled in an accredited college or university with at least one year completed by June and at least one more semester before graduation after the summer. (Graduating seniors are not eligible.) Application deadline: March 1, 2017.

NEW! Engineering Modeling and Computational Research - North Carolina A & T State University
Join us at North Carolina A & T State University (NCAT) and develop your skills in engineering modeling and computational research, in a friendly environment! This project will offer a ten-week summer program focused on computational models in engineering. Computer-based models or computational models are used to understand and analyze natural and engineered systems, and are indispensable in modern science and engineering. Application deadline: March 3.

Solid-State Devices for Electronics, Photonics, and Magnetics Technology - Clemson University
The SURE program will provide students the opportunity to pursue ten weeks of directed research in the areas of electronic, photonic, and magnetic devices, including material and device design, processing, characterization, and modeling. Faculty members on the REU team currently conduct independent, interdisciplinary, and industry-coordinated studies ranging from fundamental materials and physics to functional devices, circuits, and systems. This has been facilitated by linking physics and materials processing programs to integrated multifunctional devices and circuits at the micro and nanometer scale. Thus our underlying research paradigm of materials-to-devices will be adopted in this program. Application deadline: March 3, 2017.

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates: Computational Methods for Understanding Music, Media, and Minds Applications
How can a computer learn to read an ancient musical score? What can methods from signal processing and natural language analysis tell us about the history of popular music? Can a computer system teach a person to better use prosody (the musical pattern of speech) in order to become a more effective public speaker? These are some of the questions that undergraduate students will investigate this summer in our REU at the University of Rochester. Each student will be mentored by two or more faculty members drawn from Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Brain and Cognitive Science, the program in Digital Media Studies, and the Eastman School of Music.

The program is open to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year full time students at a college or university, who are US citizens or permanent residents, and who will have completed two programming courses or have equivalent experience by the start of the summer program. Students do not need to computer science majors. Application deadline: March 10, 2017.

NEW! INCLUSION (Incubating a New Community of Leaders Using Software, Inclusion, Innovation, Interdisciplinary and OpeN-Science) - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
In INCLUSION, pairs of students will work on socially-impactful research centered around open source software, guided by pairs of mentors. The nation’s premier academic supercomputing center, NCSA, located on the campus of one of the nation’s top public land-grant universities, the University of Illinois, wants you, the nation’s future scientist and collaborator, to work with our experts in software development and deployment for 10 weeks to help you learn about software as a part of research! Application deadline: March 13.

REU Program on Data-Centric Computing - University of Houston
The program is designed to infuse qualified undergraduates with enthusiasm toward both graduate level education and a career in research. We solicit interest from undergraduate students in Computer Science and allied fields for the NSF REU site at the Computer Science Department of the University of Houston. We will give preference to juniors and seniors, but freshmen and sophomores will also be considered if they have a strong record. he applicants need to have a solid mathematical background, which includes calculus and knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures. They also need to be proficient in C++ or Java. Application deadline: March 15.

Entrepreneurship REU - University of Connecticut
Have you ever considered starting your own business, seeking a patent for one of your ideas, or are interested in cutting edge research and translating those ideas to the marketplace? If so, UConn’s Entrepreneurial REU is for you! The aim of this E-REU is to provide students with a truly integrated research and entrepreneurship training experience, giving them both depth in fundamental engineering research, as well as breadth in entrepreneurial skills. As part of this REU, you will take part in cutting edge research on commercializable ideas with UConn faculty, as well as participate in an entrepreneurship program developed by co-PI and UConn’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Dr. Hadi Bozorgmanesh. Application deadline: March 15, 2017.

Nano-Research Experience for Undergraduates - University of Connecticut
To realize the scientific advances promised by a new era of atomic-level control over materials and devices, expertise from interdisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers with diverse backgrounds will not only be required, but will remain a significant issue of national importance. This REU site will initiate a school of engineering-wide program at the University of Connecticut to engage talented minority and community college undergraduate participants in cutting edge experimental and computational nanotechnology research. This highly interdisciplinary research is centered at the University of Connecticut’s School of Engineering and Institute of Materials Science. Application deadline: March 15, 2017.

Innovative Engineering Using Renewable Resources - University of Alabama
This REU Site at The University of Alabama involves research projects on renewable resources, with a particular focus on bamboo. All student research projects will involve bamboo. This theme was chosen because of the interest and activities centered around bamboo at UA and in Alabama over the past few years. A wide spectrum of project topics will allow undergraduate students from multiple engineering disciplines to work together on problems with broad societal impact. While the project topics will engage students in multiple disciplines, the theme is focused and allows students to work collectively on exciting and relevant problems. Students will also participate in Crimson Startup, a six-week entrepreneurship training program. Application Deadline: March 22, 2017.

Summer Engineering Research Experiences in Transportation Electrification - University of Maryland
The University of Maryland’s Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, with support from the National Science Foundation is offering exciting research opportunities for undergraduate students in the broad area of electrical engineering. The Transportation Electrification program combines cutting-edge, team-based research with technical and educational seminars. Students are supervised jointly by faculty members and graduate students. For Summer 2017, we were pleased to offer students research experiences under Transportation Electrification, an NSF-funded REU. Selection of Transportation Electrification REU participants will be announced no later than April 1, 2017.


Summer 2017 Insight Data Engineering and AI Fellowships
Insight Data Engineering Fellows Program is an intensive, seven week professional training fellowship. The program enables software engineers and academic programmers to gain experience with the industry-specific tools needed to work in the growing field of Data Engineering at leading companies in New York and Silicon Valley. Fellows learn by building an efficient and scalable data platform in a self-directed, collaborative, and hands-on approach. This is a tuition-free program, with need-based scholarships to help cover living expenses. Application deadline: March 29.

AfterCollege Engineering & Technology Student Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students pursuing a degree in a field of engineering, technology and/or mathematics. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Must be a U.S. Citizen. Application deadline: March 31.

AfterCollege STEM Inclusion Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree in a field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics from a group underrepresented in their field of study. Underrepresented groups may be defined by: gender, race, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, nationality and other non-visible differences. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Application deadline: March 31.

AfterCollege Succurro Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students in an accredited program, working toward a degree (AA, AS, BA, BS, MA, MS, MFA, PhD, MD, JD, etc.) in any discipline. Minimum 2.5 GPA. Application deadline: March 31.


Ignite TAO V8
Wednesday, March 1 | 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm | Alberta Rose Theatre, Portland | Free
Ignite is a high-energy evening of 5-minute talks by local people who have a burning idea and the guts to get onstage and share their personal and professional passions. Quick, fun, thought-provoking, social, local, and global - Ignite is all of these and more. This Ignite is focused on all things tech. Show and tell something cool you've invented or found - no sales pitches please! Challenge us, inspire us, and show us how your idea can transform technology. Proposals should be submitted online by January 25th.

FBI Information Session
Thursday, March 2 | 5:00 – 6:00pm | Johnson Hall 221
It takes years to prepare for an FBI career. Join an FBI recruiter to learn what skills & experiences the FBI is looking for to prepare yourself now. Register at

Saturday & Sunday, March 4 & 5 | Eugene, OR | Free to attend. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee provided.
This  event will bring together neuroscientists, psychologists, biologists, and computer scientists to collaborate on participant-directed projects related to open science, software, and data. Come with a project idea of your own, or just excitement to collaborate with others. Prior to our event, we will collect project ideas from attendees. Attendees can pitch project ideas to work on or join proposed project teams. We will all contribute to projects during times for open hacking and present our progress at the end of Brainhack. There will also be mini-unconferences, which are an opportunity to discuss topics of interest with other attendees, related to their areas of expertise.

PDXWIT & SureID | Networking Night & Women In Tech Panel Discussion
Thursday, March 9 | 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM | SureID, Inc., Hillsboro | Free
SureID is committed to ensuring equality, fostering a supportive culture, and establishing career opportunities for women in the tech space. To that end, please join us for a night of networking and learning as we celebrate women in technology by hosting a panel with some of this area’s top female tech talent.

Game On
Thursday, March 9 | 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm | New Relic, Portland | $20
Game On is the Oregon Game Organization (OGO)'s annual celebration of games and new technology. This year, OGO and TAO have teamed up to bring you several presentations on Oregon games, where games are meeting enterprise, and a wide array interactive gaming stations and demos showcasing regional companies and their work. Join business and creative leaders, policy makers and educators on the evening of March 9th to see what where we’ve been and what’s coming next.

Graduate Student Mock Interview event with Intel
Saturday, March 11 | 9am - 4pm | Portland State University Engineering Building
Intel India Oregon, an employee group is organizing mock interview and resume critique sessions for graduate and senior students entering the technical job market soon. These sessions are a great resource to polish your resume, learn about the industry and get interview experience. The sessions are conducted by Intel volunteers. Once you register, you would receive details on your assigned time slot, how to reach the venue, where to report etc. You would also receive instructions on how to prepare for the sessions. Registration deadline: March 7.

SWE Evergreen Space Museum Tour
Saturday, March 11 | 1:00 p.m. | Evergreen Air and Space Center, McMinnville
The Willamette Valley chapter of the Society of Women Engineers is hosting a guided tour of the Space Museum at the Evergreen Air and Space Center in McMinnville, Oregon. Enjoy learning about lunar rovers, space capsules, rockets, and global space programs with students, faculty, and professionals in your community. The museum is great for all ages so bring your friends and family and make a day of it! All are welcome. The group rate for adult admission for 15+ participants is $10 for the Space Museum only, and you can pay an additional $8 for entrance (bring exact cash) and a guided tour of the Aviation Museum with the option to see a movie in the theater as well. Transportation is not provided but carpooling is encouraged. The tour will begin at 1:00 PM In the lobby of the Space Museum, followed by networking and exploration on your own. Please RSVP by March 9th, arrange for carpooling, and direct any questions to Dr. Nordica MacCarty,

March 23 & 24 | Portland Art Museum
TechfestNW is a gathering of leading thinkers passionate about technology, design, entrepreneurship and innovation focused on highlighting Portland, Oregon as one of America’s next technology centers. TechfestNW 2017 features two days of speakers, networking opportunities, demonstrations, competitions and parties. Startups can also participate in PitchfestNW for a chance to win cash, prizes and media coverage.

PDX Women In Tech Technical Leadership Q&A with Selena Deckelmann
Thursday, April 6 | 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM | Cedexis Inc, Portland | Free
Join us for a Q&A session with Selena Deckelmann, Head of Firefox Security Engineering at Mozilla with nearly two decades of experience in tech as a contributor, leader, advocate and organizer. Come prepared for an open and honest dialog.


Four lessons from the Oscars about leading in a crisis
The world collectively gasped at the Oscars as the “Best Picture” award was handed off to the wrong film last night, in a spectacle some are calling the greatest mixup of in the history of the event. It was a bold move in what could have been an embarrassing moment for him, but Horowitz turned it into a moment in which he corrected an enormous public blunder with techniques that can teach everyone at work how to handle big problems. Ladders

8 Important Articles to Read Before You Start Negotiating Your Salary
There’s nothing like the word negotiate to make you feel uneasy. You’ve probably wondered how exactly to confidently enter a salary negotiation conversation. Maybe you’ve been so nervous about broaching the subject that you haven’t even bothered to do it. The Muse

3 notoriously tough interview questions (and how to answer them)
A job interview can be daunting, especially if it’s your first one. Being able to anticipate what the interviewer will ask, and preparing your responses in advance, can be the key to showing up strong and confident and securing a job offer. USA Today College


National Student Leadership Conference Team Advisors
The National Student Leadership Conference is looking to hire current college freshmen, sophomores, or juniors as Team Advisors for the Engineering Programs at Georgia Tech, Yale University, Northwestern University, American University, University of California Berkeley, and Rice University this summer. Under the guidance of Team Advisors, high school students will explore various fields of engineering, learn important concepts such as the design process and programming, and participate in a variety of engineering build projects. Team Advisor's work as facilitators, presenters, and simulation monitors to help make students' NSLC experience as memorable as possible. Applicants for Team Advisor positions should have a background and interest in some discipline of engineering or computer science, and strong leadership abilities.

Student Developer - Open Source Lab
The Open Source Lab is a world class center for Open Source software development and project hosting. OSL student employees get hands-on experience with a wide array of Open Source projects and technologies. Our Student Developers write code for internal projects and to fill needs in the broader Open Source software ecosystem, while learning industry-standard development processes in a diverse team environment.

Student Information Technology - OSU College of Forestry
User Assistance: Telephone, electronic, and in-person support of users with questions related to software applications, hardware, mobile devices, and networking procedures. Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting hardware at a component level. Equipment Maintenance: Cleaning and maintenance of computing and instructional equipment in classrooms, computing labs, and at the Forestry Help Desk. Computing Security and Data Administration: User account maintenance (unlock accounts, reset passwords, etc.) Setting or modifying shared server folder/file permissions. Applying software updates to shared resource desktops and laptops.

Campus Interviews - National Electrical Contractors Association
On Tuesday, March 7, there will be 9 companies conducting on-campus interviews with Civil & Construction students in both pre and pro school. You can interview with all 9 companies if you would like. To sign-up for this event, please stop by Kearney 101b and bring a copy of your resume for each company that you want to interview with. This is a great opportunity to meet with potential employers and build your professional network while also practicing your interview skills!

IT Jobs in Japan Webinar
Sunday, March 26 | 6:00 p.m. (PST)
NHS, “Nittetsu Hitachi Systems Engineering, Inc.” is a Japanese system integrator, and a joint venture with “Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation” and “Hitachi, Ltd”, which represents Japanese steel manufacturing companies and Japanese general electric companies respectively. Company information session/Information about up-coming summer internship and screening process for international students/Question and answer session in an online chat. This webinar is only available for Japanese and non-Japanese students who have Japanese-language proficiency (at least business proficiency level) since it’s spoken only in Japanese. Register by March 15.

Intel Seeking EE Student with background or interest in device/physics
Intel's Technology Laboratories have an opening for an undergraduate intern. The candidate will work in a challenging analytical group that is chartered to support Intel's advanced ULSI technology development and manufacturing activities at the Hillsboro Campus. The candidate will work closely with lab engineers in advancing analytical methods through both tool and software development. Skill sets desired include: Familiarity with analytical instrumentation and a desire to learn advanced analytical methods. Strong software/coding skills preferred. Communication and documentation skills are a must, this candidate should be able to take initiative and work both independently and in a team environment.

Undergraduate student job opportunity - Geoffrey H Wathen Mechanical Design
Student will be able to work independently on this project. Areas of expertise: Motor drive control; RF remote control systems; Wifi networking; Video recording, processing and transmission.

SDE Internship - Amazon
We are hiring innovative minded Software Development Engineer interns into our technical development teams throughout the US. We are headquartered in Seattle, WA, but also have exciting opportunities at our offices across the US and Canada! Our interns and co-ops write real software and partner with a select group of experienced software development engineers, who both help and challenge them as they work on projects that matter to our customers. You’ll be given the opportunity to have direct impact on the evolution of Amazon's technologies and lead mission critical projects early in your career. Your design, code and raw smarts will contribute to solving some of the most complex technical challenges in the areas of distributed systems, data mining, optimization, scalability, and security -- just to name a few.

Quantitative Bioscience & Biomedical Engineering Summer Internship - OHSU
Opportunities to apply physics, math and computer science in medical practice and biomedical research are growing exponentially with the development of new diagnostic, treatment and re- search technology. Majors in physics, engineering, chemistry, mathematics and computer science who will be college sophomores, juniors or seniors are especially encouraged to apply — to experience the excitement of research at this interface, and to decide whether this is an attractive career path. From June 26 - August 28, students will experience mentored research in groups studying cancer or nerve transmission, developing new applications of laser optics, electron microscopy, or computational genomics. A modest stipend will be provided.

Information Technology Intern - State of Oregon
The Oregon Department of Administrative Services is looking to provide an intern with a well-rounded experience in Information Technology within the state. The internship is designed to offer exposure to three primary areas of IT Operations support: Help Desk, Field Services, Infrastructure. The Help Desk Analyst provides phone support for basic key functions for users throughout DAS. The day to day functions include customer assistance (help, use, fix) and Operations (day-to-day).

Product Test Engineer internship - NWLabs
The position will be for a product test engineer – we’re looking for someone who enjoys board-level design, doing work at the bench, and some amount of test equipment automation and software writing. Future work for a hired PTE would likely include customer application support, but likely would not include a path to IC design. PTE is its own specialty, and we value that experience at ADI. We’re located in Beaverton, OR, and are very flexible on start and stop dates for the internship this spring/summer/fall would all work.

MS summer internship opportunity
MS student with solid background on mixed signal design and its building blocks such as low noise amplifier, delta sigma data ADC, etc. We work on MEMS microphone.

Software Engineer (Programmer) Intern - Open Dental
This position includes writing SQL queries, programming primarily in, possibly GWT, MGWT (Java implementations). We expect to teach you our patterns. You may also be working with customers at times to troubleshoot potential bugs.

Software Engineer (Programmer) - Open Dental
Open Dental Software is continuing to grow quickly and add new staff. We are interviewing candidates to fill a Software Engineer I position. The position mostly revolves around developing computer code for dentists and dental patients. We develop both internet browser based applications and Microsoft Windows server/client installed solutions. All of our software communicates with a relational database on the back end, usually MySQL.

Product Development Engineer - Intel
Responsible for ensuring the testability and manufacturability of integrated circuits from the component feasibility stage through production ramp. Make significant contributions to design, development and validation of testability circuits. Evaluation, development and debug of complex test methods. Develops and debugs complex software programs to convert design validation vectors and drive complex test equipment. Creates and tests validation and production test hardware solutions. Tests, validates, modifies and redesigns circuits to guarantee component margin to specification. Analyzes and evaluates component specification versus performance to ensure optimal match of component requirements with production equipment capability with specific emphasis on yield analysis and bin split capability. Analyzes early customer returns with emphasis on driving test hole closure activities. Creates and applies concepts for optimizing component production relative to both quality and cost constraints. Autonomously plans and schedules own daily tasks, develops solutions to problems utilizing formal education and judgment.

Advanced Machine Learning-Based Postdoc Research
The United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine Department of Aeromedical Research is seeking postdoctoral candidates with a background in electrical engineering or computer science with experience in analyzing big data, waveforms, advanced machine learning techniques and predictive algorithms. This appointment will be administered by the via Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) via the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) program. This research opportunity will be located in Baltimore, MD. U.S. Citizenship is required for this opportunity.

Lecturer in Computer Science - Emory University
Emory University’s Mathematics & Computer Science Department invites applications for a position as Lecturer in Computer Science, to begin Fall 2017. Computer Science and Informatics is in a period of significant growth and seeks an individual to contribute to the service and scholarship of the department, which spans the core areas of theory and systems with outstanding faculty strengths in data-related areas. Appointments are for a period of three years with renewals and promotions possible within the lecture track, as detailed in Emory College of Arts and Sciences Guidelines for Appointment and Review of Lecture-Track Faculty. Applications open until the position is filled.

Assistant Professor of Computer Science Tenure-Track Position - Louisiana State University Shreveport
The Department of Computer Science at Louisiana State University in Shreveport invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position to begin in fall 2017. Candidates must have a Ph.D. in computer science or a closely related discipline, teaching experience, and strong research record or research potential. Strong candidates in all areas of Computer Science are encouraged to apply but special emphasis will be given to applicants with expertise in mobile development, database, cyber security and networking, or big data analytics.

Partial list of jobs posted in the past week through LinkedIn (these are just a few of the hundreds of jobs listed). Sample jobs:

Don’t forget to check out the AfterCollege job site, tailored especially for our EECS students:

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