New technology makes water heaters more responsive
What if electric water heaters could be part of the solution to stabilizing the power grid and integrating renewable energy sources? That’s the hope of Ted Brekken, an associate professor in energy systems at Oregon State University and co-director of the Wallace Energy Systems and Renewables Facility. Brekken studies solutions for achieving greater control of energy production and consumption. His latest invention is an “intelligent” component for water heaters that is responsive to the power grid. OSU Advantage

Science You Can Use
Becoming the U.S. experts in applied climate data was the result of a merger that brought together climatologists and computer scientists at Oregon State University. Together they have created systems to present complex data in a way that is easy to understand. “It’s science you can use,” says Cherri Pancake, emeritus professor of electrical engineering and computer science in the College of Engineering. EECS

Standing Up for Women in Tech
Becoming a computer engineer was a rocky road for Janice Levenhagen-Seeley, and in the end she gave up on the idea of having a career in high tech. But rather than give up on the field as whole, she found a way to make it better. EECS


Spring 2016 HWeekend
April 9-10, Kelley Engineering Center
Have you ever wanted to create something fun and unique? HWeekend is your opportunity! This hardware development competition brings students of all levels and majors together with industry and faculty mentors to create something new — all packed into an intense weekend of activity. Application deadline: March 28.

Beaver BarCamp
Saturday, April 16, 9am-6pm, Kelley Engineering Center
Beaver BarCamp is an informal conference where everyone is encouraged to participate and the sessions are not predetermined. It provides a collaborative environment that promotes the sharing of ideas and projects and is a fun, casual event filled with discussions, demos and interaction with attendees. One of the best aspects of BarCamp is that attendees both provide the sessions and choose the schedule, allowing for greater flexibility and freedom.

Engineering Student Council Officer Elections
The Engineering Student Council is looking for creative and enthusiastic student leaders to serve on the 2016-2017 Executive Board. Commitment would involve a minimum of attendance at two general body meetings each term and three executive officer meetings, in addition to position specific responsibilities. ESC Officers help support the success of College of Engineering student organizations by supporting collaboration and communication among student organizations and connecting them with college and university administration/resources. Applications due Friday, April 1.

Configure, Design, and Promote a Successful Website Spring Term
CS 295 Web Management will focus on:

  1. Exploring Frameworks and Content Management Systems.
  2. Managing a domain and server account.
  3. Managing Google and Bing Webmaster tools.
  4. Promoting a site with rich content.
  5. Analyzing promotional campaign results.
  6. Learning responsive techniques using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  7. Designing with color and vector graphics.

CRN 57358, 4 Credits Prereqs: Experience with HTML and CSS.
Contact Pam Van Londen at or 541-737-8627

Grace Hopper Celebration Call for Participation & Scholarships
Are you ready to share your knowledge, lead a discussion or engage the community at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Houston October 19-21? Submit your proposal for #GHC16. Thanks to the generous support of sponsors, we are offering #GHC16 Scholarships to enable students and faculty to attend the celebration in October. Apply for a scholarship today.

Insight Data Engineering Fellows Program
The Insight Data Engineering Fellowship is open to anyone with a strong background in math, computer science and software engineering fundamentals, coming from positions in industry or directly from Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs. Insight Data Engineering Fellowship: 7 week, full-time professional training Fellowship. Learn new cutting-edge open-source technologies with mentorship from industry data scientists and data engineers. Gain access to industry mentors and meet with data engineers from leading companies. Join our active community of over 500 Insight alumni. Self-directed, project-based learning with support from Insight throughout the whole process. Deadline: March 28.

Computer Science Coding Competition Kicks Off
The "Dream it. Code it. Win it." contest is an international student coding competition that rewards and promotes creative problem solving, diversity, and literacy in the field of computer science. High-school and college students worldwide can begin to submit their solutions to compete for $80,000 in prizes. Dream it. Code it. Win it. differs from traditional coding competitions or hackathons, which focus on coding alone, because entries are judged on both the quality of the problem and solution. Entries will be accepted until midnight on April 3, 2016.


Digital Transmitter Revolution: From Polar to Multiphase SCPAs
Monday, March 28, 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM, KEC 1003
Jeffrey Walling, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Utah

Fractional-N PLLs for Frequency Synthesis
Friday, April 1, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM, KEC 1003
Ian Galton, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, UCSD

A System of Systems Framework for Autonomy, Big Data Analytic, and Cloud Infrastructure
Monday, May 2, 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM, KEC 1003
Mo Jamshidi, Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas, San Antonio


Technology Association of Oregon Workshop: Refactoring for Asynchronous Execution on Mobile
Danny Dig, Assistant Professor, OSU School of EECS
Thursday, March 31, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm, Location TBA
To improve responsiveness, developers often use asynchronous programming. In the post-PC era, asynchronous programming is even more in demand because mobile and wearable devices have limited resources and access the network excessively. One current development task is refactoring long-running, blocking synchronous code (for example, accessing the Web, a cloud, a database, or a file system) into nonblocking asynchronous code. This talk describes the refactorings that improve responsiveness, along with the obstacles of using asynchrony. It also presents the challenges of retrofitting asynchrony and presents program analyses and transformations and a growing, practical toolset and resources for retrofitting asynchrony.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do
Annie Foong, Principal Engineer at Intel
Wednesday, April 6, 6:00pm-7:00pm, Asian & Pacific Cultural Center
Come connect witt Dr. Annie Foong, Principal Engineer at Intel, as we dialogue over how to Do What You Love and Love What You Do. Dr. Foong holds 12 patents and has published more than two dozen papers as she continues to push new storage technologies into the industry. She earned her Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Enginnering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and enjoys sharing her love for engineering with students.


AVANGRID Foundation International Energy & Environment Scholarships
The AVANGRID Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications for master’s studies in energy and/or the environment at ICAI, School of Engineering at Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Spain and at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland for the 2016/2017 academic year. The AVANGRID Foundation scholarship program is open to students of US nationality to pursue master’s-level work with an emphasis on sustainably energy, environmental science and climate-related areas of study, in addition to more specific business areas. The grants cover full tuition, fees and health insurance and a monthly stipend of €1200 at Universidad Pontificia Comillas and £1200 at the University of Edinburgh for other expenses. Application deadline: March 29, 2016.

NSA Mathematics & Computer Science Student Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree (AA,AS, BA,BS, MS, PhD) in the fields of computer science, computer engineering, or mathematics. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Must be a U.S. Citizen. Application deadline: March 31.

NSA Electrical Engineering Student Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students pursuing a degree in the field of electrical engineering. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Must be a U.S. Citizen. Application deadline: March 31.

AfterCollege STEM Inclusion Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree in a field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics from a group underrepresented in their field of study. Underrepresented groups may be defined by: gender, race, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, nationality and other non-visible differences. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Application deadline: March 31.

AfterCollege Succurro Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students in an accredited program, working toward a degree (AA, AS, BA, BS, MA, MS, MFA, PhD, MD, JD, etc.) in any discipline. Minimum 2.5 GPA. Application deadline: March 31.

Zonta Club Scholarships
The Zonta Service Foundation of Corvallis is accepting scholarship applications. Applicants must have demonstrated an interest in working to improve the legal, political, economic, educational, health or professional status of women or have demonstrated a willingness to work in a job or profession involving the welfare of women or children. Application deadline: April 1.

Rusnak & Zonta Club STEM Scholarships
Applicants for the Rusnak and Zonta Club STEM scholarships must be focused on a career in science, technology, engineering, or math. First consideration will be given to a woman entering a field or profession where women are underrepresented. Application deadline: April 1.

Zonta Club The Grateful Nation Scholarship
The Grateful Nation Scholarship will be awarded to a female OSU undergraduate or graduate student (or a Degree Partnership undergraduate) who has served in one of the armed branches of the U.S. military since September 10, 2001. Application deadline: April 8.

ExxonMobil LOFT Fellowship
ExxonMobil has partnered with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) to create fellowships in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for Hispanic college students. The Fellowship consists of: five 1-hour meetings with mentor (virtual or in person), participation in the Harvard-certified ExxonMobil mentee program (on-line), an exclusive curriculum to introduce Fellows to the organization and company career opportunities, and a $1,000 educational grant. Application deadline: April 17, 2016.

Rockwell Collins Aero Scholarships
Rockwell Collins is sponsoring two, $2,000 scholarships for college students pursuing an aerospace-related degree. These awards are facilitated by the Aerospace States Association (ASA) and are open to students attending U.S. institutions. Eligible students should be entering sophomore or junior year in an undergraduate degree program pursuing study in the areas of physical sciences, engineering, or aviation or aerospace related fields. Application deadline: April 30.

ACM SIGHPC/Intel Computational & Data Science Fellowships
ACM SIGHPC and Intel are excited to announce a new international program of graduate fellowships, beginning in 2016. The goal is to increase the diversity of students pursuing graduate degrees in data science and computational science, including women as well as students from racial/ethnic backgrounds that have not traditionally participated in the computing field. The program will support students pursuing degrees at institutions anywhere in the world. Application deadline: April 30.

Oregon NASA Space Grant Scholarships and Fellowships
The Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium (OSGC) is pleased to offer scholarships and fellowships for community college and undergraduate students in the STEM fields and graduate students enrolled in an MAT program in STEM education. Scholarships and fellowships are open to students attending OSGC member institutions. Application deadline is May 20.


Your 30-Second Guide to Interview Dos and Don'ts
Sometimes, it’s the little things that end up being remembered. For interviews in particular, it can be easy to spend all your energy focusing on the big picture, but it’s equally important to know the ins and outs of interviewing etiquette. The Muse

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Scared to Negotiate Your Salary
You’ve heard that you really should consider negotiating your salary before accepting a job offer, but for some reason, you never do. Here are three common things people often feel about negotiating and some simple facts that’ll help assuage your fears. The Muse

4 steps to getting the salary you deserve
According to Manpower’s 2015 Talent Shortage Survey, the global rate of employers struggling to fill jobs is at a seven year high, with 38% reporting an inability to staff open roles. This talent shortage translates into a major advantage for job seekers, particularly those in booming industries (like tech). However, despite having the upper hand in the hiring process, most individuals fail to negotiate the best deal possible — and there’s a reason for that. People rarely know their worth in the marketplace. So how can you determine your worth? And more importantly, how do you go from knowing it to actually receiving it? USA Today

4 Strategies For Telling A Compelling Story
We have all heard how important it is to share good stories during interviews, while writing cover letters, and when meeting potential professional connections. Sometimes, it can be challenging to come up with a story that fits best for the right situation. CareerHMO


Peer Leadership Consultants for 2016-2017 - OSU Center for Leadership Development
Peer Leadership Consultants (PLCs) work to support OSU students through encouraging involvement and development of organizational and leadership skills. PLCs accomplish this through facilitating leadership and group development workshops, organizing leadership development events, offering consultations, and recognizing positive student leadership. Application deadline: April 1.

HealthSparq User Experience Internship - Cambia
Leverage your ability to translate user needs and business goals into effective user experiences for the web. This includes some combination of user experience research, Content Strategy, Information Architecture, Interaction Design (including interactive prototyping), Visual Design, and front-end development. Support other designers on projects and interfaces with UX design team to produce designs needed. Apply knowledge and expertise to bring new features and new products to launch.

Data Visualization Internship - Cambia
The Project Results Office is currently seeking a Data Visualization Intern in our Portland office. As a member of our analytic team, you will have the opportunity to apply your data skills to improve our Project and Portfolio Management Reporting: Analyze data from many different sources, and enhance trending information on projects. Create dashboards using visualization software such as Tableau for project teams and executive stakeholders. Collaborate with Portfolio Managers to summarize findings. Front-end development on department SharePoint increasing usability for internal customers.

ONAMI Graduate Internship - Voxtel Nano
Open to graduate students who are currently working with ONAMI Member Researchers, or who have recently their MS or PhD within the last year. In order to help Voxtel succeed with 3D optics printing, Intern will work as an intern with Voxtel, Inc in the Corvallis ATAMI facility lab. Intern will provide engineering design, experiment, and analysis to understand and then improve the uniform flatness of optic layers to less than 1 μm throughout the printing process, from 20 μm to 6 mm thick.

Quality Assurance Test Engineer Intern - Trimble
The Quality Assurance Test Engineer will work in Corvallis Oregon with the team that makes the popular survey data collector software, Spectra Precision Survey Pro. This is a 3-6 month internship position, with a start and end time based on the selected candidate’s schedule. As a quality assurance test engineer, you will test GNSS and optical total station survey instruments working with different field software applications. You will be responsible for executing test plans, validating field survey results, entering observed defects into a database, and monitoring these issues through to resolution. The right candidate may also have the opportunity to write code in C++ and/or C# to contribute to the the software team’s development and automated testing activities.

Process Documentation Internship - Cambia
The Process Documentation Intern will be an integrated member of the Web Product Ownership Team tasked with documenting policy and procedures to ensure compliance. Research and organize existing information and documentation from disparate sources. Create library of policy and procedure documents and communication materials. Update and revise existing documents, tools and resources to support onboarding of new team members and reporting/compliance practices. Log information into existing compliance database.

Volcano Computer Scientist - US Geological Survey
The US Geological Survey, Volcano Disaster Assistance Program (VDAP), a 30-year partnership of the U.S. Geological Survey and USAID's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance announces the posting of a new professional job opportunity to lead the development of new software and computer science applications for international volcano monitoring and hazard analysis.

R&D Software Engineer – Digital Front End (DFE) - HP
As a member of the Digital Front End (DFE) development team, this individual will share responsibility for software architecture, design, development test and release of DFE solutions for several Inkjet Web Press products. Responsibilities may also include technology investigation and recommendations, customer problem investigation and resolution and 3rd party software evaluation and integration. Occasional travel and participation to support the production operations or customer problem resolution during off-hours may be required.

Oper Systems-Network Analyst - University Shared Services Enterprise at Oregon State University
This position is responsible for managing web servers, application servers, and database servers in support of the shared Ellucian Banner ERP hosted environment, in order to meet user and organizational information needs at the system-wide, campus-wide, or individual unit level. The applications include Banner modules and other applications that integrate with Banner.

Partial list of jobs posted in the past week through LinkedIn (these are just a few of the hundreds of jobs listed). Sample jobs:

Don’t forget to check out the AfterCollege job site, tailored especially for our EECS students:


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