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Computer science student beats odds, hopes to expand computer usability

Charles Hill spent 17 years in foster care, from which only a small fraction of people obtain college degrees. This fall he will start a Ph.D. program in computer science at Oregon State University.

Alumnus Marcus Turner: Early Lessons in Exceeding Expectations

Oregon State University Alumnus, Marcus Turner, credits his successful career to early lessons he learned from his father.

Students Thrive With Support

Private support through scholarships helps students in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to succeed.

Intricate Algae Produce Low-Cost Biosensors

Oregon State researchers advance technology in optical biosensors by integrating algae with nanoparticles to produce a sensor capable of detecting miniscule amounts of protein or other biomarkers.

Dr. Wattson: Power Inspector

Oregon State students design a power consumption monitoring system for home owners.

Alumnus Brandon Greenley: Keeping Connected to Oregon State

Brandon Greenley, EECS alumnus, keeps his close ties with Oregon State through his job at Tektronix.

EECS Alumnus Howard Yang: Visionary Leader

Howard Yang, EECS alumnus, was the first integrated-circuits (IC) designer to return to China from Silicon Valley and help lead the high-tech transformation there starting in the early 1990s through education and entrepreneurship.

$3 Million Grant Aims to Advance Exploratory Programming

Martin Erwig and Margaret Burnett are part of a team working to advance exploratory programing with a $3 million grant from NSF.

OSU's Answer to the High-tech Talent Shortage

Oregon State’s new online degree program in computer science for post-baccalaureate students is changing individual lives and impacting the Oregon tech industry.

Anna Koch Receives Prestigious Power Award

When Anna Koch started college she was determined that she would not be an electrical engineer. Four years later, she has received the prestigious Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEEE) scholarship in power and energy engineering.