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Learning the meaning of perseverance

Alumna Sharada Bose transformed her life at Oregon State.

Pushing the boundaries of speed

Tektronix partnership brings advanced testing devices to Oregon State,

Small devices for big impacts

Alan Wang and his students are part of a team inventing a new type of optoelectronic device.

Mentoring profession-ready students

The Colleges of Engineering and Business join forces to provide transformational experiences for students.

Life after Google is good

Decision to return to school puts computer science grad in driver’s seat.

'Explainer in Chief' Retires

Distinguished Professor Tom Dietterich, who is considered one of the founders of machine learning, is retiring this year from Oregon State University, where he spent his entire career of 31 years.

Finding tech opportunities in rural Oregon

David Martinez expected he would have to move to a big city to get a job in computer science, but he got creative and found the perfect fit.

An unexpected dream

Oregon State was the conduit by which Nadia Payet found her way to Google from a tiny island in the Indian Ocean.

Channeling undergraduate enthusiasm

Undergraduates design and build low-cost portable PCR machines to detect viruses.

Ripples upon ripples

Oregon State researchers collaborate with national labs to advance wave energy research.