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Smart Cameras to Combat Sunn Pests

A collaborative project puts a high-tech spin on an agricultural problem by using mobile technology and cloud computing for better management of the devastating pests.

Watching Football for Science

Computers that learn have long been an interest for Alan Fern, associate professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS).

Driven by Curiosity

Widely recognized for his role in creating and nurturing the area of machine learning his influence was acknowledged this year by Oregon State University when he was selected to be a “Distinguished Professor,” the highest honor for faculty.

Blending a New SPICE

A dash of circuit design know-how and a pinch of artistic creativity turned out to be just the right mix for Igor Vytyaz when he began dabbling in developing an Android app similar to SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis).

Full of Energy

Even though he had scholarship offers to play football at other colleges, Rich Meier didn’t think twice about coming to Oregon State for the engineering program.

App-titude: Students innovate with mobile apps

A simple game application changed Ryley Herrington’s life. It wasn't much, but it was his first attempt at writing programs for mobile devices, and creating it got him hooked on computer science.

A Chance to Change Lives

The best part of funding scholarships for Bev Brown is the chance to meet the students face to face and hear about their accomplishments.

Keeping Up with the Real World

Ease of use has made computing accessible to an increasingly broad range of users. But Andrew Dove knew the concept could also be applied to his company’s graphical programming system for scientists and engineers.

Punting Under the Radar

Keith Kostol's priority in coming to OSU was the engineering school, but he sent a tape to the football coach as an afterthought and it earned him an invitation to visit spring practice to meet with special teams coach Bruce Read.

On the Path to Success

The outstanding caliber and character of the students enrolled in Oregon State University’s new online computer science degree program was the hot topic among the faculty and industry representatives attending the program’s first conference.