Graduate student working in the clean room

The School of EECS awarded approximately 250 graduate assistantships and fellowships for the 2015-2016 academic year including 61 GTA and/or GRA appointments for the new, incoming Fall 2015 students. This financial support includes a waiver of tuition, covers 90% of the mandatory university fees, pays 85% of health insurance premium, and pays a monthly stipend. Graduate teaching assistants work up to 20 hours per week for 9 months while graduate research assistants and fellowship winners work up to 20 hours per week for 12 months.

Applicants with a very strong record and a particular aptitude for graduate research are offered an assistantship or fellowship in which case they earn a salary and pay no tuition while in graduate school.

Top Ph.D. applicants (international and domestic) will automatically be considered for nomination for the Provost Fellowship. This fellowship includes a twelve-month stipend of $30,000 to be distributed in four equal quarterly installments during the year, a tuition waiver, and access to subsidized health insurance under the prevailing graduate assistant/fellow health insurance plan. Top Ph.D. applicants (international and domestic) will also be automatically considered for the Provost Scholarship. This scholarship includes a one-time award of $6,000 to be distributed in three equal quarterly installments during the academic year and a graduate assistantship for the academic year. Please see the Graduate School's webpage for more information.

Ph.D. students expecting to take a teaching/research position at a college or university are strongly encouraged to gain teaching experience as a Graduate Teaching Assistant or as a part-time instructor. There are usually opportunities for graduate students to serve as part-time instructors during summer term.

Master of Engineering (MEng) students are not considered for financial support.

Applicants to the School of EECS do not need to complete a separate application in order to be considered for assistantships, fellowships, or scholarships. Applicants are automatically considered for funding when they apply!