Students studying outside

Students enter the College of Engineering as pre-engineering professionals. You are accepted into the major once you have completed the pre-engineering professional coursework

  • Each student must complete the pre-engineering professional coursework and meet the minimum application requirements to apply and be admitted into the professional engineering program (Pro School). Admission to Pro School is competitive and meeting the minimum application requirements does not guarantee admission.
  • All 300 and 400 level coursework is completed while in Pro School, during the junior and senior years.
  • Admission to Pro School is for Summer, Fall and Winter terms. If you are doing MECOP, Fall term admission is required.
  • See the College of Engineering Policy Manual for details of applying to Pro School.

Why a Pre/Pro School system?

  • A Pre/Pro system guarantees that spots are available in upper-division courses for all Pro students. Once in Pro school, students enjoy the luxury of always finding available space in CS and ECE courses.
  • Because of the difficult tasks and stress associated with upper-division courses, the EECS department wants to make sure that students are well prepared and capable of handling the difficult challenges.