Overall Application Process

To become an Electrical and Computer Engineering or Computer Science graduate student you must be admitted to Oregon State University through both the School of EECS Graduate School and the Graduate School. Admission to the School of EECS is competitive and there is not capacity to accommodate all applicants who meet the minimum admission requirements.

After the application closes (December 15th of each year):

  1. The faculty in EECS examine the material submitted to determine adequacy of academic background and to decide whether facilities in the School are adequate for the expressed aims of the student. 
    1. Faculty will then recommend students for acceptance to the School of EECS and make offers for funding opportunities. All applicants for MS and PhD programs are reviewed for funding opportunities when they are reviewed for admission; there is no extra application for funding opportunities.
    2. The review process is intensive and usually not released until late March. If you applied to the Software Innovation Track, you may be contacted by the track mentor for additional information about your professional background and preparation.
    3. We will send an email to all applicants letting you know of our decision no later than April 15th.

  2. The Graduate School will determine whether the general university conditions for admission have been met.

  3. Applicants will be notified by the Graduate School as to the action taken and if additional documentation is needed such as official transcripts, test scores, or financial documentation.

For more information on funding opportunities, please see our Funding page.

Need additional information? Contact: eecs.gradinfo@oregonstate.edu