Graduate Research Expo

Held once a year in the spring, the College of Engineering Graduate Research Expo is a venue where students share their research with the public through poster presentations. The event provides a setting where the public can directly engage graduate students, ask questions and exchange ideas.

Here are a few videos of the research presented at the 2016 event by students in computer science and electrical and computer engineering:

Computer Science

Trevor Fiez presents his research to develop and train a system to track objects in video, for example football players as they play a football game.


Photo of Ben McCamish

Ben McCamish explains his project that uses game theory to improve database querying.


Photo of Anahita Sanandaji

Anahita Sanandaji describes her research that aims to better understand how experts such as radiologists understand medical images and perform 3D image segmentation. Her goal is to improve 3D image segmentation tools that are used in applications such as CT-scans to detect tumors.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Photo of Scott Harpool

Scott Harpool describes his project to estimate the power load on a microgrid such as the Oregon State University campus.


Photo of Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson presents his work to incorporate wave energy onto the power grid.