Despite the surprising resilience of PC gaming (at Nvidia the segment grew 63% year-on-year in its most recent quarter, even as the broader market for PCs tanked), it's not video games that has Wall Street salivating over the firm. It's artificial intelligence. In a fascinating bit of silicon serendipity, it turns out that the same technology that can conjure up a gorgeous alien landscape or paint a picture-perfect explosion is also nearly optimal for the hottest area of AI: deep learning. Deep learning enables a computer to learn by itself, without programmers having to code everything by hand, and it's leading to unparalleled levels of accuracy in areas like image and speech recognition.

Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon are buying ever larger quantities of Nvidia's chips for their data centers. Institutions like Massachusetts General Hospital are using Nvidia chips to spot anomalies in medical images like CT scans. Tesla recently announced it would be installing Nvidia GPUs in all of its cars to enable autonomous driving. Nvidia chips provide the horsepower underlying virtual reality headsets, like those being brought to market by Facebook and HTC.

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