List of Networked Printers


The following printers are available to all users:

Location Printer Name Model Comments
Grad Student Labs EECS-GradPrint HP M725 Print Release Stations available in all Grad Students labs across all floors in KEC
KEC 1130 COEprint HP M830 Print Release Stations available in all COE open labs across all buildings
KEC 1112 kec1112 HP M806  
KEC 1112 kec1112-clr HP 4700 color printer
KEC 1140 kec1140 HP M806  
KEC 1140 kec1140-wclr HP M750 Large format color printer
KEC 1148 kec1148-letter HP 4200 Loaded w/ EECS letterhead
KEC 1148 kec1148 HP M806  
KEC 2082 kec2082 HP 9050  
KEC 2112 kec2112 HP M806  
KEC 2112 kec2112-clr HP M651 color printer
KEC 3082 kec3082 HP M630  
KEC 3112 kec3112 HP M806  
KEC 3112 kec3112-clr HP M651 color printer
KEC 4119 kec4119 HP 9050  
KEC 4119 kec4119-clr HP 4700 color printer
BAT 244 bat244 HP 4250 College Graphics Education Lab
DEAR 05 dear05 HP CM4540 MFP Esystems Group, Dearborn Basement
OWEN 411 owen411 HP 4250 4th flr Owen Hall