Table of Owned Server Disk Space


The table below details the School of EECS's network server disk storage and faculty owners of particular partitions.

If you are a EECS grad student working for a particular faculty member and would like to have your EECS home directory moved to their particular partition, please contact support--at--engr--dot--orst--dot--edu.

Server Partition Name Owner Size Comment
guille ams Fiez/Mayaram 87GB  
guille ams2 Fiez/Mayaram 87GB  
guille ams3 Fiez/Mayaram 87GB  
guille analog Moon 87GB  
guille uwave Weisshaar 87GB  
guille moo Moon 87GB  
guille ufs1 Wager 87GB  
guille esystems Vonjouanne 87GB  
guille u1 dept 154GB  
guille u2 dept 154GB  
guille a1 dept 154GB  
guille a2 dept 154GB  
guille project dept 87GB  
spectre u1 Tadepalli 500GB bought 4/2010
spectre u2 Metoyer 196GB  
spectre u3 Temes 144GB  
spectre u4 dept 206GB  
spectre u5 A. Fern 206GB  
spectre u6 Jensen 206GB  
spectre u7 Nguyen 197GB  
spectre u8 Chiang 409GB  
spectre u9 Moon 206GB  
spectre u10 Herlocker 206GB  
spectre u11 A. Fern 600GB Projects (From Jungle)/SATA
spectre u12 Dietteirch 2TB Bugid (From Jungle)/SATA
spectre u13 Dietteirch 5.5TB SATA
spectre u14 Dietteirch 4.2TB SATA
spectre u15 Dietteirch 1.5TB SATA
spectre u16 Dietteirch 4.2TB SATA
spectre u17 Dietteirch 4.2TB SATA
spectre u18 Dietteirch 4.2TB SATA
spectre u19 Dietteirch 2.5TB SATA
spectre u20 Burnett 1.7TB SATA
phantom u1 dept 196GB  
phantom u2 Burnett 206GB  
phantom u3 X. Fern 206GB  
phantom u4 Metoyer 206GB  
phantom u5 Dietterich 206GB  
phantom u6 partner cluster users 206GB  
phantom u7 Wong 206GB  
phantom u8 X. Fern 207GB  
phantom u9 Burnett 206GB  
phantom u10 Erwig 206GB  
phantom u11 Todorovic 206GB  
phantom u12 Raich 200GB  
phantom u13 Hanumolu 196GB  
phantom u14 Bailey 196GB  
phantom u15 Zhange 3.6T SATA/ZFS/projects
phantom u16 Groce 200G