Maker Faire

The Tri-annual KEC Maker Faire is being held on November 16th 2017 in the Kelly Engineering Atrium.  Students can come to view other projects or they can see projects from student Makers and industry Makers. The event is being held from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.  Students can vote for their favorite project.  There will be pizza for all and awards for the best projects.   

Sign up here:




Can anyone come?
Anyone can come. If you are trying to convince a friend to join a STEM major, this is a great event to bring them to, Proplr from the public are more than invited to come as well. 

Why should I come?
There will be free pizza for everyone. You will also be inspired by the work and effort other students put into their projects. It will help you come up with somethings amazing.  

Which majors can sign up?
The maker faire will benefit from a wide range of creative people and project types.  All majors are welcome to sign up.

Where do I sign-up?
Click this link to sign up:

How big do the projects need to be?
The projects need to have a foot print less than 5'X5' but there is no lower limit on the size.  

Do I have to be there the entire time?
Participants do not need to stay the entire time. It is recommended that those presenting stay as long as possible but it is ok if they hae to leave.  We will announce the winner on the website. 

How should I dress?
Dress to impress...Really, dress however you want. 

What are the prizes?
The prizes are given to the projects that recieve the most votes.  The prizes include a trophy and an item with a monetary value of about $10.