Graduate student Vikas Shilimkar won a "Best of Session" award at this year's SRC TECHCON meeting. The session had 10 papers from some of the top schools including Georgia Tech, UIUC, and Columbia. "Modeling and Characterization of Metal Fill Parasitics in Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits" by Vikas Shilimkar, Steven Gaskill, and Andreas Weisshaar is based on their CDADIC project.

Duc Anh Le is the recipient of a UPE (Upsilon Pi Epsilon) Special Recognition Scholarship Award. Upsilon Pi Epsilon, founded in 1967, is an honorary society whose membership consists of outstanding graduate and undergraduate students in Computing Science. Upsilon Pi Epsilon is the first and only existing national honor society in the computing sciences. It has received endorsements from both the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers-Computer Society (IEEE-CS). Upsilon Pi Epsilon has chapters at over 200 schools worldwide.


A Warrior for the Blind
As part of her dissertation research on “eyes-free technology” at the University of Washington, with professors Julie Kientz and Richard Ladner, (CS alum) Kyle Rector has written a computer program that enables blind people to learn yoga from a computer. A Microsoft Kinect “watches” the movements of a blind yoga student performing, say, a Warrior 2 pose. If the student makes a mistake, the computer program provides verbal corrections. If she does the pose right, the computer tells her that, too. Scientific American via Yahoo! News

The Cloudcast - #107 - CoreOS and Linux Containers
CS alum Brandon Philips, CTO for CoreOS, on the concept of a new purpose built operating system for massive scale out applications. We also talk about the conept of booting without a kernel and why Namespaces, Containers and Cgroups are more important in this configuration. The Cloudcast


Job Outlook: Employers Plan to Hire 7.8 Percent More Graduates for Their U.S. Operations
Employers plan to hire 7.8 percent more new college graduates for their U.S. operations in 2013-14 than they did in 2012-13, according to results of NACE’s Job Outlook 2014 survey. Overall, employers anticipate hiring 12 percent more new college graduates in 2013-14 than they did in 2012-13. This includes the hires they anticipate for all of their U.S. and international locations. National Association of Colleges and Employers

Does Mozilla’s Portland office point the way for a new kind of tech migration?
Mozilla’s non-profit, open source culture is practically made for Portland, and Ayala mentions that it already boasts a large community of Mozilla volunteers. It goes further though. Unlike most of the regional offices that big tech names have opened in the city lately, this one wasn’t the result of an acquisition or a strategic relocation, but a way of accommodating the 26 Mozilla employees who already live here. It’s a different approach to tech expansion in the city, and if it works, it could prove out an entirely new model for building Portland’s tech scene. Silicon Florist


TouchDevelop Hackathon
Sunday, October 6, 12pm, KEC 1003 (Lunch provided)
Want a chance to win $500? TouchDevelop is running a contest with cash prizes for great scripts in the areas of society and education, productivity, and games. Use their cross platform development environment to inspire you to come up with a rich script that has a clean, simple feel and depth of user experience, and is well tested. Experience a new way of writing apps directly on the phone or tablet (laptop will also do)! TouchDevelop is a programming environment that runs on iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, PC, Mac, and Linux. If you have a mobile device, you write scripts by tapping on the screen. You do not need a separate PC or keyboard (but you can use it one if you have it). Scripts can perform various tasks similar to regular apps. Details

NASA-WPI Sample Return Robot Challenge
NASA and Worcester Polytechnic Institute have teamed up to offer a competition for industry and academic teams across the U.S. to demonstrate a robot that can find and retrieve different geologic samples on various types of terrain. The winning team will receive $1.5 million in prize money. Team registration is now open until January 7, 2014. Details

Design a web site this Fall
CS 195 Beginning Web Authoring (CRN 13825) will teach you the basics of web site development:

  • Design and production with HTML5, CSS3, and PHP
  • Graphic design and image optimization
  • Site management
  • Online promotion

In just 10 weeks, you'll make a functional web site for the topic of your choice.  Build a site for your portfolio, club, or friends and family. Sign up right away! Class meets Tues/Thurs from 10:00am to 11:50am and earns 4 Computer Science credits. For more information contact Pam.VanLonden@oregonstate.edu.

WGSS 320 Gender & Technology CRN 14556
Meet the BACC Science Technology Synthesis requirements through meaningful activities:

  • Research and write about the social and economic impacts of women in the technology industry.
  • See technology products through a Gender Lens.
  • Discuss trends in STEM and STEAM.
  • Learn to add your research and writing to a web site.
  • Plan for your greatest dream!

Register for Fall 2013 right away!

NSF – East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes for U.S. Graduate Student (EAPSI)
NSF and selected foreign counterpart science and technology agencies sponsor international research institutes for U.S. graduate students in seven East Asia and Pacific locations at times set by the counterpart agencies between June and August each year. The Summer Institutes (EAPSI) operate similarly and the research visits to a particular location take place at the same time. An EAPSI award provides U.S. graduate students in science, engineering, and education: 1) first-hand research experiences in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, or Taiwan; 2) an introduction to the science, science policy, and scientific infrastructure of the respective location; and 3) an orientation to the society, culture, and language. It is expected that EAPSI awards will help students initiate professional relationships to enable future collaboration with foreign counterparts. NSF Deadline: November 25, 2013. Details


Virtual Professional Development Series for Engineers:  The Power of Professional Etiquette
Tuesday, October 1, 5:30-6:30 PM EST (2:30 Pacific Time)
In order to help you get ready for the fall recruiting season, Eaton will offer three virtual job preparation sessions, geared toward students pursuing careers in engineering. Participants can access these webinars from any location with an internet connection, so it’s an easy way for you to obtain relevant information from anywhere on campus!

Beaver Barcamp 12
Saturday, October 12, 9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., Kelley Engineering Center. Free
Beaver BarCamp is an informal conference where everyone is encouraged to participate and the sessions are not predetermined. It provides a collaborative environment that promotes the sharing of ideas and projects and is a fun, casual event filled with discussions, demos and interaction with attendees. One of the best aspects of BarCamp is that attendees both provide the sessions and choose the schedule, allowing for greater flexibility and freedom. Details

2013 Careers in Energy Week
October 14 – 18
Engineers are essential in the energy industry by helping improve systems and create more efficient ways to generate, transmit, and use power from the power plant to your home. Engineers are the springboard to the amazing process of creating nuclear energy, designing wind turbines, advancing clean coal technology, and turning biofuels into usable energy. Learn more about the many rewarding career opportunities to apply your engineering experience in the energy industry, and help shape the future. We are seeking participants from diverse populations including: veterans, women, students, teachers, and parents to learn about exciting careers in energy and how to prepare for them. Details

Bend Startup Weekend
October 18-20, G5, 550 Northwest Franklin Avenue, Bend
Have a business idea that has been rattling around in your head for months, maybe even years? Your idea could rapidly become the next great Bend business success story! This event starts out like speed dating for business. Individuals pitch ideas, quickly form teams, develop a business model and validate out in the community. While the roots of Startup Weekend are founded in the tech industry, it encourages ideas for growth businesses from all industries and seeks a broad variety of participation including graphic designers, web designers, programmers, marketers, and business enthusiasts of all experience levels, including students. Details

OSU Engineering Clubs Symposium
Saturday, October 26, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Kearney Hall
An event for all student engineering organizations at OSU - organized by EWB-OSU. Share your successes and best practices and get help for your biggest challenges. Exchange ideas about recruitment, fundraising, leadership, event planning, & professional connections. Details


National Security Agency Mathematics and Computer Science Student Scholarship
A $1,000 scholarship exclusively for current mathematics and computer science and engineering students. Scholarship requirements: current student working toward a degree (AA,AS, BA,BS, MS, PhD) in the fields of computer science, computer engineering, or mathematics; minimum 3.0 GPA. Application deadline: September 30. Details

National Security Agency Electrical Engineering Student Scholarship
A $1,000 scholarship exclusively for current electrical engineering students. Scholarship requirements: cCurrent student working toward a degree (AA,AS, BA,BS, MS, PhD) in the field of electrical engineering; minimum 3.0 GPA. Application deadline: September 30. Details

AfterCollege Engineering Student Scholarship
A $500 scholarship exclusively for current engineering students. Scholarship requirements: current student working toward a degree (AA,AS,AAS, BA,BS, MS, PhD) in a field of engineering; minimum 3.0 GPA. Application deadline: September 30. Details

National Research Council (NRC) Research Associateship Programs
The National Research Council of the National Academies sponsors a number of awards for graduate, postdoctoral and senior researchers at participating federal laboratories and affiliated institutions. These awards include generous stipends ranging from $42,000 - $80,000 per year for recent Ph.D. recipients, and higher for additional experience. Graduate entry level stipends begin at $30,000. These awards provide the opportunity for recipients to do independent research in some of the best-equipped and staffed laboratories in the U.S.  Research opportunities are open to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and for some of the laboratories, foreign nationals. Details

IEEE Computer Society Richard E. Merwin Student Leadership Scholarship
IEEE Computer Society is again offering $40,000 in student scholarships through the Richard E. Merwin Student Leadership Scholarship program. The scholarships are designed to recognize and reward active student volunteer leaders who show promise in their academic and professional efforts. The selected winners of this award have the opportunity to serve as IEEE Computer Society Student Ambassadors for their IEEE region. Application deadline: September 30. Details

IEEE Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Scholarship
The scholarship carries a stipend of up to US$24,000 and is awarded for one year of full-time graduate work toward a master's in electrical engineering at an engineering school of recognized standing located in the United States. To be eligible, the student must be a permanent resident of the United States, have majored in the field of electrical engineering, and have received a bachelor's degree from an engineering college of recognized standing. Application deadline: November 15. Details

IEEE Life Member Graduate Study Fellowship in Electrical Engineering
The fellowship is awarded annually to a first year, full-time graduate student obtaining his or her Master's for work in the area of electrical engineering at an engineering school/program of recognized standing worldwide. To be eligible, the applicant must have majored in the field of electrical engineering and have received a Bachelor's Degree from an engineering college of recognized standing worldwide. Application deadline: November 15. Details

IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Graduate Fellowships
The IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Graduate Fellowship program was created to support graduate research studies in Microwave Engineering. Graduate student wishing to pursue graduate degree in microwave engineering on a full-time basis from a reputable institution of higher education. Both the student and faculty member must be a member of MTT-S. Application deadline: November 30. Details

Kelly Engineering Resources – Future Engineers Scholarship Program
Candidates must be full-time students at the time of application submittal, pursuing a degree at an accredited institution of higher education in the United States or Canada during the calendar year, and be accepted into the School of Engineering. Demonstrated potential for and commitment to a career in engineering, as well as outstanding academic performance. Essays will also be judged based on depth of knowledge and awareness of the issue and/or challenge addressed, as well as creativity, composition and originality. Application deadline: October 15. Details

GE Lloyd Trotter African American Forum Scholarship 2013-2014
The scholarship is awarded to rising sophomore and juniors majoring in specified technical disciplines attending an accredited university. To qualify you must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. The scholarship is named after Lloyd G. Trotter, President and CEO of GE Industrial Systems, who is recognized for his on-going commitment to volunteerism and mentoring. Applicants must be willing to accept a PAID internship at a GE location (TBD) in the U.S. for ~10 weeks during the Summer of 2014. Application deadline: November 1. Details

Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship
The Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship provides funding to minority students enrolled in one of the technical sciences or engineering disciplines. This scholarship is available to US Citizens and individuals with Permanent Resident visas. Application deadline: September 30. Details


Did you know having an on-line resume is just as important as having one on paper? If you are looking for an internship or job this summer, start building your professional network by joining the Oregon State University EECS Alums
Group on LinkedIn. Any EECS student (or alum) can join!

For more tips on how to find a job or internship, visit

Recent job postings on Beaver JobNet
Students must apply through Beaver JobNet to access/apply for the postings. Using their onid accounts, students/alums can log in here: https://oregonstate-csm.symplicity.com/students/. Any issues with Beaver JobNet, contact Cheryl.L.Herring@oregonstate.edu.

The Microsoft Student Partner program is soliciting applicants for our on-campus rep positions. Students with a passion for technology and good people skills are invited to apply for our part-time, on-campus jobs for the 2013-2014 academic year. The position gives participating students direct contact with Microsoft recruiters and technical experts, and gives them a chance to share what they learn with others. Details

Computer Lab Attendant, OSU Student Computing Facilities; Info Services. Our student workers are responsible for staffing our computer facility in the Milne Computing Center and assisting customers with questions concerning the hardware and software installed there. They also perform basic maintenance to the equipment, perform cleaning duties such as wiping workstations and dusting, and keep a welcoming academic environment for our customers. Details

Analyst Programmer, competency level 2,Information Services - Enterprise Computing Services, Oregon State University. Positions in the class of Analyst Programmer are primarily responsible at varying levels for the analysis, design, modification, testing, installation and maintenance of application programs, integrated systems, or software solutions including databases to meet user and organizational information needs at the system-wide, campus-wide, or individual unit level. Details

Analyst Programmer, Competency Level 2, Extended Campus, Oregon State University. This position provides programming and multimedia support for Ecampus courses. The analyst programmer works within the Course Development and Training (CDT) team to design and assemble the programming and media necessary to carry out design plans as assembled by instructional designers in collaboration with faculty course developers. This position works with faculty and administrators to assess how multimedia technologies can augment students' abilities to meet course learning outcomes. Details

Partial list of jobs posted in the past week through LinkedIn (these are just a few of the hundreds of jobs listed)

Don’t forget to check out the AfterCollege job site, tailored especially for our EECS students. Sample jobs:


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