Beaver Genome Project: 'There is a lot of interest'
With an assist from Filbert — a furry, buck-toothed denizen of the Oregon Zoo’s Cascade Stream and Pond habitat — scientists at Oregon State University are preparing to sequence the genome of our state animal, the North American beaver. “Beavers are important to the ecology of the region, and understanding their genome is an important part of understanding their behaviors and role in the ecosystem,” added Dr. Stephen Ramsey, assistant professor of biomedical sciences at OSU. KVAL


America's Best Bachelor Degrees By Salary
Interestingly, there is only one subject on the list of America’s best bachelor degrees by salary that is not engineering. Forbes

EBay slows Portland hiring spree after PayPal spin-off
Just over a month ago the e-commerce giant spun off PayPal, its payments arm, into its own company. EBay is now fully focused on its marketplaces business and competing against the likes of Amazon and brick-and-mortar retailers that are improving their online offerings. The good news for Portland? The eBay office here is a hub for mobile development, which General Manager and Vice President of Mobile Product Kevin Hurst said is a key element of the future of the company. Portland Business Journal


Summer Computer Science Student Projects
Please review the latest computer science projects from MindSumo. MindSumo partners with employers to create projects that you can complete to get work experience, win prizes, and be hired for jobs and internships. Questions can be directed to

IEEEXtreme 24-Hour Programming Competition
Saturday, October 24
IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE Student members—advised and proctored by an IEEE member, and often supported by an IEEE Student Branch—compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems. As a student member there are lots of great reasons to participate - fun, fame, prizes and to prove your coding skills to the world in this well-known international competition. Registration will be open between August 17 and October 12. Details

VentureWell E-Team Program Student Grants
VentureWell supports the development of technological innovations that are scalable, commercially promising, and have a positive impact on society and/or the environment. This program is for US-based college or university student-led teams, not for individual inventors. VentureWell encourages proposals that involve students and advisors from engineering, science, business, design, and liberal arts disciplines. Strong E-Team projects consist of multidisciplinary advisors, mentors with relevant industry experience and connections, strong partnerships (required if you are working outside the US), and experiential learning opportunities. Graduate and/or undergraduate students should serve as the entrepreneurial leaders of a team, regardless of the origin of the idea or invention. Application deadline: October 7. Details

Cognitive Computing Challenge
This is a $200,000 USD incentive prize to build a cognitive system that can read a document, then accurately load a database with what it finds. Essentially, to teach a computer to mimic the human brain. Currently, a huge amount of information is locked in written documents which is read and analyzed manually by humans. The solution to this challenge will eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce time and minimize errors. This world-wide challenge is sponsored by Dynamic Risk, whose focus is to improve pipeline safety and reduce environmental impact. However, this technology has broader applications across industries such as healthcare, security and emergency response. Submission deadline: January 11, 2016. Details

New course: CS 446 Biological Networks
Fall 2015, Stephen Ramsey
Big Data methods have become ubiquitous in life sciences research. To gain insights from massive biological datasets, computational proficiency in working with large networks is required. We will use examples from biology to learn how to: mathematically describe a network and its structure; computationally analyze the structure of a large network; infer the structure of a network using data-driven methods; use the software package igraph for network analysis. Details


Xerox Minority Scholarships
The Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship that awards between $1,000 and $10,000 to qualified minorities enrolled in a technical degree program at the bachelor level or above. This scholarship is available to US citizens and individuals with permanent resident visas. Application deadline: September 30. Details

Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship
IEEE Computer Society is offering $40,000 in student scholarships from $1,000 and up to recognize and reward active student volunteer leaders in student branches or chapters who show promise in their academic and professional efforts. This scholarship was created in honor of the late Richard E. Merwin, past president of the IEEE Computer Society, to recognize and reward student leadership. Graduate students, and those in the final two years of an undergraduate program in electrical or computer engineering, computer science, or a well-defined computer related field of engineering who are active members of a student branch or chapter are eligible. Application deadline: September 30. Details

AfterCollege scholarships

  • National Security Agency Mathematics and Computer Science Student Scholarship
    $500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree (AA,AS, BA,BS, MS, PhD) in the fields of computer science, computer engineering, or mathematics. Must be a U.S. Citizen. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Deadline: September 30. Details
  • AfterCollege Engineering Student Scholarship
    $500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree (AA,AS,AAS, BA,BS, MS, PhD) in a field of engineering. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Deadline: September 30. Details
  • AfterCollege STEM Inclusion Scholarship
    $500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree in a field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics from a group underrepresented in their field of study. Underrepresented groups may be defined by: gender, race, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, nationality and other non-visible differences. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Deadline: September 30. Details

American Public Power Association (APPA) Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments (DEED)
Scholarships are worth $2,000 each and are paid directly to student's university. The scholarship provides funding to support the education of students working toward technical careers that are in short supply and high demand by electric utilities. Applicant must be a high school senior, high school graduate, or college undergraduate. Applicant must be a full-time student accepted or enrolled in a vocational school, or accredited college or university to be eligible to apply. Application deadline: October 15. Details

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based Master's and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions. Application deadline: October 27. Details

Intelligence Undergraduate Scholarships
Intelligence Scholarships of $2250 (undergraduate) will be awarded to students enrolled full-time in degree-granting programs in fields directly related to the support of U.S. intelligence or homeland security enterprises, and/or foreign languages. Application deadline: November 15. Details


3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Posting Anything on LinkedIn
By definition, it exists for business networking and conversation—not photos of your latest vacation. Your profile essentially functions as your online resume, so it’s important that you treat is as such. Don’t feel confident in your ability to distinguish between LinkedIn “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to updates? Here are three key questions to ask yourself before hitting “post.” The Muse

4 Questions That Will Cost You the Interview (and What to Ask Instead)
Here are the four questions you should never ask—plus what to say instead if you actually need more information to gauge the company. (Spoiler: You always need more information.) The Muse

You’re Hired. Now What?
A new job is a fresh start. Remember when you first went away to college and got to redefine yourself and how people see you? This is another opportunity to bring out a new dimension of who you are. Always strive to bring forth your best. And remember, this job is not just about you. You are joining a company that expects you to be part of a team — doing your best also means working well with others. LinkedIn


Student Information Technology, Faculty Senate, Oregon State University. This recruitment will be used to fill ten part-time (a maximum of 20 hours per week with a possibility of up to 40 hours per week when classes are not in session) Student Information Technology positions. Independently researches and resolves unique computer problems through on-line resources and consultation with colleagues, service providers and vendors. Details

Analyst Programmer, OSU Libraries and Press. Responsibilities of the position include technical leadership for programming and software development and regular interactions with project teams. Experience with Web-based application design using languages such as Ruby/Rails, Java, PHP, Python and related application development technologies is essential for the successful applicant. Also helpful is experience with community supported open access tools and platforms such as Fedora Commons, Project Blacklight, Apache Solr, and Hydra. As the lead programmer for the department, this position guides the work of two programmers, and provides training and lead work for student programmers. Details

Partial list of jobs posted in the past week through LinkedIn (these are just a few of the hundreds of jobs listed). Sample jobs:

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