DubHacks: Remote cat feeders, disease detectors and other inventions at this 24-hour caffeine-fueled university hackathon
Hundreds of students and hackers from across the globe gathered at the University of Washington last weekend for the second annual DubHacks, the largest 24-hour collegiate hackathon in the Pacific Northwest. Team Beaver from Oregon State University trudged through the 3 a.m. hour on their project, Notesi, which aimed to help students obtain lecture notes for missed days. Nawwaf Almutairi’s eyes jumped between his laptop and attached monitor, snuggly packed in his suitcase. GeekWire

Danny Dig Receives Two Awards at ICSME
Danny Dig, assistant professor of computer science at Oregon State, received two awards this year at the top software maintenance conference, the IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME) hosted in Bremen, Germany. Dig was also a keynote speaker at the conference, in recognition of the award for Most Influential Paper in the last ten years. The paper, co-authored with Ralph Johnson and entitled, “The Role of Refactorings in API Evolution,” opened a new area of research. EECS

Pranjal Mittal: Pursuing a Dream to Code
Pranjal Mittal was initially thwarted from studying computer science in college, but never lost his excitement for it. Now a master’s student in computer science at Oregon State University, he was honored this year with an Intel fellowship. As part of his fellowship with Intel, Mittal will mentor three senior capstone project teams (nine students) who are working on a cloud computing project; an extension of the work he did as an Intel intern. EECS

Kaelan Rasmussen: Loving Electricity
Kaelan Rasmussen literally had a light bulb moment when her fourth grade science class put together an electronic circuit kit that turned on a light bulb. “I remember that was the first moment I got interested in electricity. It was so cool,” said Rasmussen, an electrical and computer engineering student at Oregon State University. EECS


Job Outlook 2016: U.S. College Hiring to Increase 11 Percent
This is a slight bump up from spring 2015 when employers responding to the Job Outlook 2015 Spring Update survey indicated an end-of-year hiring increase of almost 10 percent for Class of 2015 graduates. National Association of Colleges and Employers


Volunteer at the IEEE Store
The IEEE Store in the basement of Dearborn is currently looking for volunteers to help run the store. This is a great opportunity to gain volunteering experience, and familiarize yourself with a wide variety of electrical parts. The plan for this year is to be able to supply lab parts to those that need them, as well as some cool add-on's (knobs, LED's, switches, etc). This is in addition to the wide variety of parts we currently have to offer. Anyone interested in helping run the store should fill out the doodle poll below with the times you can show up. Please only sign up for sections you know you will be able to attend, as this doodle poll will also act as the store hours.

Undergraduate Research Funding Opportunity
The Research Office is accepting applications for the Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Creativity (URISC) program for Winter term 2016 and/or Spring term 2016. This program supports undergraduate research activities from all academic disciplines within the university. NOTE: the program description and application have been revised  Information: Debbie Delmore at Deadline: Nov 2.

Volunteer to Conduct Wave Lab Tours
The O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory is looking for 5 – 10 student volunteers to give tours on November 7, 9: 30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. as part of Dads and Family Weekend. To sign up, login with your onid account and navigate to the date/event for which you would like to volunteer. For more information, contact Kelly Tackett.

Cognitive Computing Challenge
This is a $200,000 USD incentive prize to build a cognitive system that can read a document, then accurately load a database with what it finds. Essentially, to teach a computer to mimic the human brain. Currently, a huge amount of information is locked in written documents which is read and analyzed manually by humans. The solution to this challenge will eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce time and minimize errors. This world-wide challenge is sponsored by Dynamic Risk, whose focus is to improve pipeline safety and reduce environmental impact. However, this technology has broader applications across industries such as healthcare, security and emergency response. Submission deadline: January 11, 2016. Details


Friday, October 30, 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM, KEC 1007. PhD Oral Preliminary Examination – Hyuk Sun. Major Advisor: Un-Ku Moon; Committee: Gabor Temes, Andreas Weisshaar, Kartikeya Mayaram; GCR: William H. Warnes. "A Power Efficient PLL with In-Loop-Bandwidth Spread-Spectrum Modulation Scheme Using a Charge-Based Discrete-Time Loop Filter." Details


Robotics Seminar Series
Friday, Oct. 30, 10:00 a.m., Rogers 226
This week's Robotics Seminar Series features two 30 minute talks from members of the Personal Robotics Group. The talks include "Automating Visual Process Improvement Methods for Defect Detection" by Austin Nicolai and "Evaluation of Physical Marker Interfaces for Protecting Visual Privacy from Mobile Robots" by Matthew Rueben. Visit for more information.

SEMI Pacific Northwest Breakfast Forum: The Future of Moore’s Law
Friday, October 30, 7:30 AM-11:00 AM, Mentor Graphics, Wilsonville
$55-$75; Students: $15, promo code PNWSTUDENT
As the famous law that drives the Semiconductor industry turns 50 years old this year, this event invites industry experts to come and share their views on where it will take us from here. While the measure of the original statement whether in transistor count or cost has evolved over time, the relentless march towards next generation capabilities continues to be a testament to the breadth of human ingenuity. Please join us as we explore the possible future of our industry and the ways being explored to achieve it. Details and registration

WiN (Willamette Innovators Network) Expo 2015
Thursday, November 5, 4-7 p.m., Microproducts Breakthrough Institute, HP Campus, 1110 NE Circle Blvd., Corvallis Oregon; Admission: Free
WiN EXPO 2015 celebrates the smart ideas in all of us. You‘ll see innovative concepts, hot startups, and meet established businesses that are changing the world. This year, don’t miss live demonstrations, Happy Hour, Young Innovators Zone, and Speed Networking. Details


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program
Recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based Master's and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions. Application deadline: October 27. Details

Intelligence Undergraduate Scholarships
Intelligence Scholarships of $2250 (undergraduate) will be awarded to students enrolled full-time in degree-granting programs in fields directly related to the support of U.S. intelligence or homeland security enterprises, and/or foreign languages. Application deadline: November 15. Details

New Faces of Engineering - College Edition
This award recognizes the best and brightest whose academic successes and experiences in the engineering field have positioned them to make an impact. You must be a member of a participating engineering society. You must be an undergraduate engineering student (3rd, 4th, 5th year). You must have a track record of engineering experiences (i.e., internships, volunteer, or work related). Your grade point average must be 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (or 4.0 or higher on a 5.0 scale). Applications are due on Friday November 20, 2015. Details

National Security Agency Mathematics & Computer Science Student Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students pursuing a degree in the field of electrical engineering. Must be a U.S. Citizen. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Application deadline: December 31. Details

AfterCollege Engineering Student Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree (AA,AS,AAS, BA,BS, MS, PhD) in a field of engineering. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Application deadline: December 31. Details

AfterCollege STEM Inclusion Scholarship
$500 - Open to currently enrolled students working toward a degree in a field of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics from a group underrepresented in their field of study. Underrepresented groups may be defined by: gender, race, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status, nationality and other non-visible differences. Minimum 3.0 GPA. Application deadline: December 31. Details


33 Tweet-Size LinkedIn Tips You Need to Try
Being fans of tweet-sized tidbits of career advice, we thought we’d make the process of learning the latest facts about LinkedIn way easier. Check out the infographic to learn what you can be doing to make your professional profile the best one ever. The Muse

Why Extracurricular Projects are Just as Valued as a Degree to Employers
The hiring process is conducted more through digital than ever before and recruiters/employers in business or related fields see hundreds of resumes a week. Setting yourself apart from the pack is done in communicating your value. Professional extracurricular projects are almost becoming a necessity to show your worth as a team member and an early application of the things learned from the classroom. LinkedIn


Student Information Technology position, Community Network department, Oregon State University. Independently researches and resolves unique computer problems through on-line resources and consultation with colleagues, service providers and vendors. Enter all support requests into Helpdesk software application. Answer support requests in a timely manner. Refer customers to proper support staff when issue cannot be resolved. Utilize knowledgebase resources to answer customer requests. Details

AgBiz Logic, based out of the Applied Economics department at OSU, is seeking to hire student web developers familiar with python, SQL, and Javascript. For more information, visit

Project Coordinator Internships, Oregon Clean Power Cooperative. Oregon Clean Power Cooperative is looking for Project Coordinator Interns to help develop and publicize community solar projects in Oregon. These volunteer internships are ideal for MPP students who are interested in the energy sector, renewable energy, community supported solar, community development, program analysis, and/or policy implications. Project Coordinator Interns will help raise awareness about the Co-op, a new organization that is pioneering a new economic model for funding community solar and other renewable energy projects. This is a unique opportunity to help develop, manage, and evaluate a new community solar program including a marketing outreach campaign, events, and program analysis. Interested interns may also assist with evaluating potential community solar sites. Details

Software Development Internship, CDK Global. As a Software Development Intern you will help to engineer the next generation of enterprise class software solutions at CDK utilizing a broad range of the latest technologies. The intern's primary responsibilities include development of services and components (design, coding, testing). The internship will provide hands-on technical experience and will work with other team members, architects and product owners in the early and continuous delivery of high quality software products that delight our customers.  Student must be a results oriented individual, who can use agile software development principles to achieve the desired business outcome. Details

Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Computer Science, Fayetteville State University. Responsibilities of the position include teaching, research, student advising, and university and community service. Applicants must have a Ph.D. in Computer Science or a closely related field, with expertise in cyber security and/or networking (ABD will be considered if award of Ph.D. degree can be expected before start of employment). The successful applicant will have opportunities for research with FSU’s Center for Defense and Homeland Security. Details

Partial list of jobs posted in the past week through LinkedIn (these are just a few of the hundreds of jobs listed). Sample jobs:

Don’t forget to check out the AfterCollege job site, tailored especially for our EECS students:


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