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A 0.4 nJ/b 900MHz CMOS BFSK super-regenerative receiver

TitleA 0.4 nJ/b 900MHz CMOS BFSK super-regenerative receiver
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsAyers, J., K. Mayaram, and T. S. Fiez
Conference Name2008 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference - CICC 2008
Pagination591 - 594
Date Published09/2008
Conference LocationSan Jose, CA
ISBN Number978-1-4244-2018-6

An ultra low-power super-regenerative receiver for BFSK signals has been designed and fabricated in a standard 0.18 mum CMOS process. The use of BFSK allows the receiver to operate at higher data rates and also gives an approximate 3 dB SNR performance increase over the more traditional OOK modulation. At 1 Mb/s the receiver consumes 0.4 nJ/b making it the lowest energy integrated super-regenerative receiver to date.