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Explaining How to Play Real-Time Strategy Games

TitleExplaining How to Play Real-Time Strategy Games
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMetoyer, R. A., S. Stumpf, C. Neumann, J. E. Dodge, J. Cao, and A. Schnabel
Secondary AuthorsBramer, M., R. Ellis, and M. Petridis
Conference NameAI-2009 Twenty-ninth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Pagination249 - 262
Date Published12/2009
PublisherSpringer London
Conference LocationCambridge, England
ISBN Number978-1-84882-983-1

real situations in domains such as battle planning, air traffic control, and emergency response team management which makes them appealing test-beds for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. End user annotations could help to provide supplemental information for learning algorithms, especially when training data is sparse. This paper presents a formative study to uncover how experienced users explain game play in real-time strategy games. We report the results of our analysis of explanations and discuss their characteristics that could support the design of systems for use by experienced real-time strategy game users in specifying or annotating strategy-oriented behavior.