1) Is this event like the October Networking Night?
Yes. A broad range of Oregon State undergraduates and graduate students majoring in

  • Computer Science
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering

are encouraged to attend.

This event features an informal hors d'oeuvres social time followed by four break-out sessions where you'll meet with smaller groups of students who have signed up to learn more about your organization. The meeting space is also informal - you'll be meeting in labs and conference rooms.

2) Who else will be at the Reception?
Along with the students, other organizations are registering for the Industry Reception. To see who has registered so far, click on the About the Companies link.

3) How many people from our organization should attend the Reception?
Companies typically bring two people, but it is up to you. In most cases, you'll be meeting in an engineering lab or other informal space for the breakout sessions.

If you would like bring additional people, register each individual by adding their name and email section to the comments section of the registration form. Be aware that you will likely spend most of the time standing. (Chairs are generally reserved for students.)

4) Do the students sign up to meet us? Or do we get to pick who we meet with?
The students will sign up to meet with you. Students typically are assigned to the organizations that most interest them, but occasionally, students who cannot be placed with their first-choice company may be assigned to another group.

Expect to meet with two groups of students during the evening, (we target six students per group although group sizes vary) plus those you mingle with during the widely attended Meet-and-Greet.

5) What should I talk about when introducing my company (in 30 seconds)?
With 30 seconds on the clock, share with our students 1) the name of your organization; 2) what your organization does/makes; 3) what majors you recruit.

6) Do I need a parking permit?
Parking is free after 5 pm. If you will arrive before 5 pm an need a permit, please send their names, email addresses and the number of permits needed to tina.batten@oregonstate.edu 

7) My company is an Industrial Affiliate. What else do we need to do?
A space has already been reserved for your company, but each individual will need to be registered. (To register, click on Company Registration)

8) We would like a resume book.
Resume books are only available to industrial affiliates. For information on this program, click here.

9) What is the dress code?

Business casual.

10) I need a hotel.
Many of our guests prefer

11) What topics should we discuss in the breakout sessions with the students?
The primary goal here is to share information with the students that will help them learn about their employment (and internship) options and make informed decisions. As you think about your discussion angles you may want to consider:

  • Share general information about your organization. What do the students know about your company?
  • How would you describe your company's culture?
  • How big is your organization?
  • If your organization is not in Oregon, describe what your region is like.
  • What kinds of engineers/computer scientists do you hire within your organization and what do those employees do?
  • If your organization has multiple sites (in different geographic locations), what are the opportunities and expectations for employee transfers among sites?
  • Describe the benefits of joining your company.
  • Tell students what your organization looks for in a prospective recruit.
  • What general pointers can you give the students for interviewing?
  • What kinds of questions should students ask employers when looking for a job?
  • What kind of background or experience do you look for from new college grads or in intern candidates?
  • What job openings do you have and how do people apply?
  • What internships are available and how do students apply?
  • Give the students advice on creating an effective resume.

12) I have questions about the Engineering Career Fair.
The Oregon State University Career Development Center organizes the Career Fairs. For more information, visit http://career.oregonstate.edu or contact them at 541-737-4085.