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Harmonic Mitigation Techniques for Hybrid Electric Vehicle DC-Bus Traction Drives

TitleHarmonic Mitigation Techniques for Hybrid Electric Vehicle DC-Bus Traction Drives
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
Authorsvon Jouanne, A., A. K. Wallace, M. MillsPrice, K. Rhinefrank, E. A. Amon, and T. Lewis
Conference Name2005 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference
Pagination688 - 693
Date Published09/2005
Conference LocationChicago, IL

This paper presents harmonic mitigation techniques for hybrid electric vehicle traction motor drive systems. First, DC-bus harmonics are presented for a space vector modulated (SVM) dual traction drive system, compared against military standard MIL-STD-461. Next, dithered/random SVM techniques are explored and the respective harmonic performance is compared. The effect of the DC-bus capacitor size is also fully investigated, with the harmonic results again compared against MIL-STD-461. Based on the overall results and inherent DC-bus resonance conditions, it is proposed that the harmonic performance can be optimized through strategic frequency selection within the random switching frequency pool. Therefore, the paper concludes with analysis and implementation of "selective" switching frequency sweeps.