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Broadband Macromodelling of High-Speed Passive Modules

TitleBroadband Macromodelling of High-Speed Passive Modules
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsPaul, D., M. S. Nakhla, R. Achar, and A. Weisshaar
Conference Name2006 IEEE Workship on Signal Propagation on Interconnects
Pagination107 - 108
Date Published05/2006
Conference LocationBerlin, Germany
ISBN Number1-4244-0454-1

Circuit modeling of high-frequency devices described by tabulated multi-port parameters has generated immense interest during the recent years. In most cases, simple equivalent circuit models (S-ECM) are available to the designers, which correlate well with the measured parameters at certain frequencies, however, deviate at others. Traditional efforts to improve equivalent circuit models are device-specific, laborious and ad-hoc in nature. This paper presents an efficient and automated algorithm to identify appropriate elements for adding to the S-ECM at arbitrary locations so as to correct for frequency-dependent errors. These elements are given as rational functions which can be synthesized into frequency-independent elements. In addition, these functions are found without performing expensive nonlinear optimization. The new method enables the designers to retain their existing physical models while providing a means to capture high-frequency effects accurately.