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Bringing Topology-Based Flow Visualization to the Application Domain

TitleBringing Topology-Based Flow Visualization to the Application Domain
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLaramee, R. S., G. Chen, M. Jankun-Kelly, E. Zhang, and D. Thompson
Secondary AuthorsHege, H-C., K. Polthier, G. Scheuermann, G. Farin, H-C. Hege, D. Hoffman, C. R. Johnson, K. Polthier, and M. Rumpf
Book TitleTopology-Based Methods in Visualization II
Series TitleMathematics and Visualization
Date Published2009
PublisherSpringer Berlin Heidelberg
ISBN Number978-3-540-88606-8

Flow visualization research has made rapid advances in recent years, especially in the area of topology-based flow visualization. The ever increasing size of scientific data sets favors algorithms that are capable of extracting important subsets of the data, leaving the scientist with a more manageable representation that may be visualized interactively. Extracting the topology of a flow achieves the goal of obtaining a compact representation of a vector or tensor field while simultaneously retaining its most important features. We present the state of the art in topology-based flow visualization techniques. We outline numerous topology-based algorithms categorized according to the type and dimensionality of data on which they operate and according to the goal-oriented nature of each method. Topology tracking algorithms are also discussed. The result serves as a useful introduction and overview to research literature concerned with the study of topology-based flow visualization.