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Application of Dual Mechanical Port Machine in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles

TitleApplication of Dual Mechanical Port Machine in Hybrid Electrical Vehicles
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsZhang, J., and L. Xu
Conference Name2006 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference
Pagination1 - 5
Date Published09/2006
Conference LocationWindsor, UK
ISBN Number1-4244-0159-3
Keywordsdual mechanical port, electric machine, FEA, integrated starter and generator, system simulation

In full hybrid electrical vehicles, two separate electric machines and two power inverters are required. One machine operates as a generator and the other works both as a generator and motor. The two electric machines are connected to an intelligent gearbox called planetary gear set together with engine. In this paper, a new machine - dual mechanical port (DMP) machine is proposed, which combines the functions of the two electric machines and the planetary gear set mentioned above. The structure and the dynamic model of DMP are introduced. A prototype is designed and analyzed by FEA. The control algorithms with the overall system operation performance are evaluated by computer simulation.