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Overcoming Augmented Reality Tracking Difficulties in Changing Lighting Conditions

TitleOvercoming Augmented Reality Tracking Difficulties in Changing Lighting Conditions
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsClothier, M., and M. J. Bailey
Conference NameIASTED International Conference on Computers, Graphics and Imaging (CGIM 2004)
Date Published08/2004
Conference LocationKauai, Hawaii

Augmented Reality (AR) uses a combination of hardware and software to enhance a person's vision of the world with useful information about his/her surroundings. In recent years, there have been many different implementations of Augmented Reality. The vast majority of these implementations have assumed that lighting conditions are static, usually in an indoor or outdoor environment. Unfortunately, many of these implementations have difficulty adapting to new lighting conditions, especially when the conditions change abruptly. This paper addresses this issue by presenting a robust system that is able to tolerate such changes in lighting conditions. Thus, this paper will show how to construct a vision component of an Augmented Reality system that will help adjust the system automatically to both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.