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60GHz RF-path phase-shifting two-element phased-array front-end in silicon

Title60GHz RF-path phase-shifting two-element phased-array front-end in silicon
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsNatarajan, A., M-D. Tsai, and B. Floyd
Conference NameVLSI Circuits, 2009 Symposium on
Date Published06/2009
Conference LocationKyoto, Japan
KeywordsBiCMOS integrated circuits, gain control, gain measurement, Germanium silicon alloys, noise measurement, phase measurement, phase shifter, phased-array, silicon germanium, switching circuits

This paper presents the first 60GHz two-element phased array front-end in silicon which achieves RF-path phase-shifting enabling low power 60GHz array implementation. Each element in the 0.13μm SiGe BiCMOS front-end incorporates a novel variable-gain LNA, 60GHz reflection-type phase shifter (RTPS) and a phase-inverting variable-gain amplifier (PIVGA), and provides 360° phase variation across the 60GHz band, while achieving 14dB gain, 6dB NF and consuming 18mA from 2.7V. The front-end rms phase variation is ≪7° across 18 sites on a wafer, and the phase error due to coupling between the elements is ≪5°.