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Dielectrophoretically Controlled Fabrication of Single-Crystal Nickel Silicide Nanowire Interconnects

TitleDielectrophoretically Controlled Fabrication of Single-Crystal Nickel Silicide Nanowire Interconnects
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsDong, L., J. Bush, V. Chirayos, R. Solanki, J. Jiao, Y. Ono, J. F. Conley, and B. D. Ulrich
JournalNano Letters
Pagination2112 - 2115
Date Published10/2005

We report here on applying electric fields and dielectric media to achieve controlled alignment of single-crystal nickel silicide nanowires between two electrodes. Depending on the concentration of nanowire suspension and the distribution of electrical field, various configurations of nanowire interconnects, such as single, chained, and branched nanowires were aligned between the electrodes. Several alignment mechanisms, including the induced charge layer on the electrode surface, nanowire dipoleāˆ’dipole interactions, and an enhanced local electrical field surrounding the aligned nanowires are proposed to explain these novel dielectrophoretic phenomena of one-dimensional nanostructures. This study demonstrates the promising potential of dielectrophoresis for constructing nanoscale interconnects using metallic nanowires as building blocks.

Short TitleNano Lett.