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Characterization of Nanocones Grown During DC Magnetron Sputtering of an ITO Target

TitleCharacterization of Nanocones Grown During DC Magnetron Sputtering of an ITO Target
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsConley, J. F., D. McClain, J. Jiao, W. Gao, D. Evans, and Y. Ono
JournalMRS Proceedings
Date Published01/2005

A low temperature method for uniform growth of In₂O₃ nanostructures on Si wafers that does not require separate catalyst materials or template-assistance is investigated. Nanostructures are uniformly deposited on either bare or SiO₂ thin film coated Si substrates via DC magnetron sputtering at 200-400°C using a 90% In₂O₃ / 10% SnO₂ (ITO) target. The nanostructures are approximately 500 nm long, sit atop an accompanying underlying 100 nm conductive film, and are conically shaped, with a diameter of about 80 nm at the base, tapering to a point that is capped with a spherical “ball”. X-ray diffraction (XRD) indicates a cubic In₂O₃ phase. Field emission from the tips is observed at a base pressure of 10-8 Torr with turn-on fields in a range between 45-75 V/cm and threshold fields from 64-105 V/cm. Nanocone growth is investigated with respect to O₂ and Ar flow rates, temperature, power, pressure, wafer rotation, and time.