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Interval Annealing During Alternating Pulse Deposition

TitleInterval Annealing During Alternating Pulse Deposition
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsConley, J. F., D. J. Tweet, Y. Ono, and G. Stecker
JournalMRS Proceedings
Date Published01/2004

Thin films deposited via atomic layer deposition at low temperature tend to be less dense than bulk material and typically require high temperature post deposition annealing for densification and removal of unreacted precursor ligands. We have found that improved film densification can be achieved by interval annealing, in which in-situ moderate temperature (∼420°C) rapid thermal anneals are performed after every n deposition cycles. HfO₂ film density and refractive index were found to increase with decreasing anneal interval (more frequent annealing). The highest density films could be achieved only by every-cycle annealing and could not be achieved by post deposition annealing. The densified every cycle annealed films have been shown to have improved equivalent thickness and leakage and decreased interfacial layer thickness.

Short TitleMRS Proc.