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Summer 2018 & Fall 208 Registration Information

Fall Registration PIN:

Fall Registration PINs will be sent in the last week of July so that students taking classes in the summer session to assess their progress and make an informed decision about their fall classes.

Summer 2018 Registration Information:

Please note that our program is offered in Session 3, scheduled to start on Monday, June 25. Summer session is only eight weeks long. Please be mindful of the time commitment (minimum 25 hours per course) for the accelerated session.

Registration PIN is not required. Please contact your primary advisor if you need overrides.

We urge you to think about your grade in the context of the skills and performance that enable your success in and beyond the program. Regardless of the factors that might have affected your performance, a grade is a reminder to set the bar higher so that you can achieve your career goals.

Registration Information for Summer 2018

Please bookmark the following pages:

  1. Computer Science Class Schedule
  2. Registration Dates and Information
  3. Tuition Reduction Schedule

If you need to drop a course, you must make the decision by June 28 to get 100% tuition refund.

Summer Term Withdrawal

Please check the withdrawal deadlines for session 3 posted on the Summer Session website at

Students do not need to complete a Withdrawal Survey. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Login to MyOSU,
  2. Click on the Student tab,
  3. Under Registration Tools, click Add/Drop Classes.
  4. Select the term, enter your PIN number, click Submit.
  5. Select the course you want to withdraw from in the drop-down box.
  6. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The page will reload.
  7. Scroll to the bottom to verify that you have withdrawn from the course. The course status column will show “Withdrawn” and the date of the transaction.” – Retrieved from

Academic Polices Reminder: Students are required to earn a ‘C’ letter grade or better in all the courses and a cumulative OSU GPA of 2.25 or higher in order to graduate. If you received a C- in a course, please drop any courses that require the course as a prerequisite.

Tuition Reduction & Refund Schedule

If you drop a class after the term begins, you may receive a partial refund of your tuition and fees. Please refer to the tuition reduction and refund schedule webpage. Please note that it is your responsibility to make the decision in a timely manner.

Changing Registration

Add/drop or withdrawal information is available at

If you wish to withdraw from all of your courses, even if you are only taking one, you must complete the withdrawal survey.

For more information on the withdrawal process, visit

Withdrawal Regulations & Consequences

If you have already withdrawn from a term more than four times, an update to Academic Regulation 13

This rule applies only if you withdraw after the add/drop/withdraw period.

Grade consequences

If you withdraw from a course you will see a W on the transcript and it will not affect your GPA. You may also repeat a course more than once. The grade from the second attempt always counts toward your GPA whether it is better or worse than the first and/or third attempts.

Financial aid consequences

Withdrawing has implications on your loan package. Please contact the Financial Aid Office (541-737-2241 or and/or your private lender for more information.

Registration Cancellation/Withdrawal from the University

Follow the Office of the Registar's instructions if you plan to withdraw for the term (even if it is one course).

Please contact the Office of the Registar if you need any help.
Phone: (541) 737-4331