One of the benefits of the Systems option lie in its ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology) accreditation. The Computer Systems option gives students the necessary training and preparation that many large companies (such as Google, Apple, and Intel) desire. Computer Systems also gives the student the necessary preparation to continue and pursue computer science or other engineering fields in graduate level programs. The extra preparation required in the Systems option is more math, physics, and required CS courses; however, as a Systems option, a student can still take a minimum of 2-5 CS elective courses.

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Students will be automatically admitted to the Systems Option unless otherwise requested at the time of first course registration.


CS Major Requirements*


Course Title Credits
CS 160 Computer Science Orientation 3
CS 161 Computer Programming I 4
CS 162 Computer Programming II 4
CS 261 Data Structures 4
CS 275 Introduction to Databases 4
MTH 231 Discrete Mathematics 4
MTH 251 Differential Calculus 4
MTH 252 Integral Calculus 4
MTH 254 Vector Calculus 4
MTH 306 Matrix & Power Series Methods 4
PH 211 Physics with Calculus 4
PH 221 Recitation for PH 211 1
ECE 271 Digital Logic & Design 3
COMM 111 or 114 Public Speaking or Argument & Critical Discourse 3
WR 121 English Composition 3

REQUIRED PRO-CORE COURSES (63-65 credits and calculated in PRO GPA):

Course Title Credits
CS 321 Theory of Computation 3
CS 325 Analysis of Algorithms 4
CS 344 Operating Systems I 4
CS 361 Software Engineering I 4
CS 362 Software Engineering II 4
CS 372 Introduction to Computer Networks 4
CS 381 Programming Languages 4
CS 391 Social & Ethical Issues in Computer Science 3
CS 444 Operating Systems II 4
CS 461 Senior Software Engineering Project I 3
CS 462 Senior Software Engineering Project II 3
CS 463 Senior Software Engineering Project III 2
CS 472 Computer Architecture 4
CS 480 Translators 4
CS XXX Restricted CS Electives 9-12
MTH 351 Introduction to Numerical Analysis 3
ECE 375 Computer Organization and Assembly Language 4

ADDITIONAL REQUIRED COURSES (33 credits and not applied to PRE or PRO GPAs)

Course Title Credits
WR 214 or WR 222 Writing in Business or English Composition 3
WR 327 Technical Writing 3
PH 212 Physics with Calculus 4
PH 222 Recitation for PH 212 1
PH 213 Physics with Calculus 4
PH 223 Recitation for PH 213 1
ST 314 Introduction to Statistics for Engineers 3
XXX Courses in the College of Liberal Arts or Science or Engineering 10

*This is to be used as a guide.  This is not all the requirements for a degree at Oregon State University, such as Baccalaureate Core courses.  All final degree audits are cleared through the CS advisor.