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(Quickly) Testing the Tester via Path Coverage

Title(Quickly) Testing the Tester via Path Coverage
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsGroce, A.
Conference NameWorkshop on Dynamic Analysis
Date Published07/2009
Conference LocationChicago, Illinois

The configuration complexity and code size of an automated testing framework may grow to a point that the tester itself becomes a significant software artifact, prone to poor config- uration and implementation errors. Unfortunately, testing the tester by using old versions of the software under test (SUT) may be impractical or impossible: test framework changes may have been motivated by interface changes in the tested system, or fault detection may become too expensive in terms of computing time to justify running until errors are detected on older versions of the software. We propose the use of path coverage measures as a"quick and dirty"method for detecting many faults in complex test frameworks. We also note the possibility of using techniques developed to di- versify state-space searches in model checking to diversify test focus, and an associated classification of tester changes into focus-changing and non-focus-changing modifications.