Student wins Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship

Oct 8, 2017

Alannah Oleson, undergraduate student in computer science at Oregon State University, was one of a handful of students from all over the world to win the Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship. The scholarship acknowledges women who are improving technology and have demonstrated outreach for their community. Oleson is helping to improve technology in the area of… Continue reading

Tips for success in your first year

Sep 24, 2017

Guest post by Anushka Pandey The first term of college can be intimidating especially in an engineering major where you will be taking calculus and other technical courses as early as your first term. As an electrical and computer engineering major with no prior programming or robotics experience, I was incredibly nervous when I… Continue reading

Workshop on magnetic nanodevices sparks international collaborations

Aug 16, 2017

Researchers from universities, national laboratories, and tech companies came to Oregon State University this July to discuss needs and challenges in measuring the performance of magnetic nanodevices. This first-time workshop, called Frontiers in Metrology Techniques for Magnetic Nanodevices drew participants from as far away as Japan, Belgium and the United Kingdom. It was jointly organized… Continue reading
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