Please note, all times are approximate.

5:00-5:30 pm: Meet-and-Greet. Mingle with the companies over appetizers and refreshments.

5:30-6:00 pm: Short Program & IntroductionsEach company will give a 30-second introduction of what their organization does.

6:00-6:10 pm: Move to Meeting Rooms. 

6:10-6:30 pm: Session 1. Meet with first company (your assignment will be on the back of your name tag). Come prepared with your questions so you can find out if this company is a good fit for you. You can also use this time to find out what the company is looking for in new hires.

6:30-6:40 pm: Students Transition to Session 2. Companies Remain in Assigned Areas.

6:40-7:00 pm: Session 2. Meet with second company (your assignment will be on the back of your name tag). 

7:00-7:10 pm: Students Transition to Session 3.

7:10-7:30 pm: Session 3 - Meet with a third company.

7:40-8:00 pm : Session 4 - Meet with a fourth company.

8:00 - 8:20 pm Wrap Up & Pack Up - Chat with any companies who you wanted to meet with but haven't talked with yet. If you are hunting for a job or an internship, talk to as many relevant companies as possible.