Career Fairs & Other Contacts

Career Fairs

The Career Fair targeting engineering and computer science majors is a separate event, organized by Oregon State's Career Development Center. For information on their services, visit or call 541-737-4085.

College of Engineering Contacts

If you are looking to connect with others in the College of Engineering while on campus, here are some helpful contacts:

  • Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering - Lynn Ekstedt 541-737-7286
  • Civil and Construction Engineering - Lauren Farmen-Schnoor 541-737-4096
  • College of Engineering, Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships - Julie Brandis
  • College of Engineering, Director of Leadership Academy - Scott Paja 541-737-6539
  • College of Engineering, Director of Women and Minorities - Ellen Momsen 541-737-9699
  • Electrical Engineering & Computer Science – Tina Batten 541-737-8613
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering - Jens Odegaard 541-737-2644