CS 290 Luyao Zhang

Upon entering this class, we expect all students to (red text = math expectations):

  • Understand the basic data types (int, float, char, etc.) and common object types (string, array, etc.)
  • Understand the flow control primitives: for, while, if/else, switch, and do/while
  • Understand the scope for variables, what public and private functions are, and what happens when variables go out of scope
  • Have good problem solving skills, searching solutions online, debugging code, learning how to use some tools (such like Github)
  • Have good coding and documentation styles (check the Canvas course website for rules)
  • Understand the basic use of the command line in Linux (manage directories, edit files, etc.)
  • Be able to access the Piazza forum to post questions and review answers

mjb – July 5, 2017