CS 467: Ben Brewster

Upon entering this class, we expect all students to (red text = math expectations):

  • Be ready to work in a team - to really strive and fight for a quality team experience. It takes time, effort, acceptance, and considering each other like family to make it work.
  • Be prepared to work as a team, but remember that your team members do things differently than you do. You'll need to compromise, adapt, teach, instruct, and praise.
  • Be prepared to spend at least 100 hours total, over the course of 10 weeks, to implement your project.
  • Be ready to plan, design, story-board, and doodle. Your specific and detailed planning will be of immense help in implementing your project.
  • This is a programming-heavy course. While you can pick a project that you'd like to work on, be ready to hit the ground running using the tools and languages you and your team choose.

mjb – July 5, 2017