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Rob Hess

PhD Student
Computer Science

I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Computer Science at Oregon State University. My primary research interests are Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, and my thesis work involves designing algorithms to understand American football in video. My advisor is Alan Fern. I'm also working with Ron Metoyer on methods for visualizing the diversity of multivariate data sets and Paul Paulson on integrating Linux kernel development into the operating systems curriculum here at OSU.

In my spare time, I serve as President and Lead Negotiator for the Coalition of Graduate Employees, AFT local 6069, which is the union that represents graduate teaching and research assistants at OSU. If I have time left over from that (which is seldom), I like baseball, beer, and books. I also sometimes pretend I know something about photography.

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Contact Information

2048 Kelley Engineering Center
Corvallis, OR 97331-5501