Gabor Temes Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

Professor Gabor Temes is just the second NAE member in Oregon State history.

Engineering Music

Daren Keck, computer science student, created his own electronic musical instrument.

Connecting the Dots

Interdisciplinary collaboration was top on the list of reasons to come to Oregon State for 14 new faculty in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Innovation Engine Revs Up

The new Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS) hit the ground running with their first client, Oregon Sea Grant.

Seeing the Future

Technology developed in John Wager’s lab a decade ago is now used in flat-panel displays.

Quotation marksOur collaborative community, the innovative approaches we take to research and education, and the cultivation of leaders make our program truly outstanding.

Engineering News

OSU News Release

OSU to help lead $20 million disaster resilience center

Mar 6, 2015
With a new $20 million grant, OSU will work with a group of other universities to help communities improve their resilience to natural disasters.… Read full story.
OSU News Release

Nuclear “forensics” program will aid national security efforts

Mar 4, 2015
OSU is helping to bolster U.S. anti-terrorism and nuclear security efforts through a new graduate student training initiative in nuclear forensics, one of the first of its kind in the nation.… Read full story.

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First-Person Activity Recognition: Understanding Videos from One's Own Viewpoint

Michael S. Ryoo, Research Staff
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

We are entering the era of big video data where cameras are ubiquitous. In particular, the amount


MS Final Examination – Xu Hu

Reconfigurable Chain Models for Part-Based Object Recognition
This paper presents a new model for parsing and localizing chain structured objects, where object parts may be invisible due


Colloquium: Secure and Robust Software Through Testing and Verification

Rene Just, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Programming Languages and Software Engineering Group
University of Washington

Hardly any area exists in our everyday life that is not


MS Final Examination – Scott Harpool

Aggregated Reserve Requirements of Geographically Diverse Renewable Portfolios in the Pacific Northwest
Increased penetration of renewable energy sources results in higher operating reserve requirements, due to the


PhD Final Oral Examination – Bao-Sung Yeh

Modeling and Characterization of Amorphous Oxide Semiconductor Thin-Film Transistors
The objective of this research is to model and characterize amorphous oxide semiconductor thin-film transistors (AOS TFTs). Four topics are addressed.
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Student Profile: Claudia Mini

Feb 2, 2015

Claudia Mini’s passion for technology was sparked by watching her aunt play Nintendo NES, although it was not until college that she decided to pursue it as a career. Now an Oregon State computer science student, Mini has found a way to combine her creative side with computer science. Of those early days hanging out… Continue reading

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John Conley’s career honored with IEEE Fellow status

Jan 5, 2015

John F. Conley, Jr., professor of electrical engineering at Oregon State, has been named the only 2015 IEEE Fellow in Oregon. He is being recognized for “contributions to semiconductor process technology to improve radiation hardening of MOS devices,” according to the IEEE awards committee. Conley’s work has had direct impact on earth orbiting satellites, military… Continue reading

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A Second Chance for College

Dec 1, 2014

Brian Benavidez did not expect to have a chance to go to college since he had enlisted in the U.S. Air Force immediately after graduating from high school. But it was the experience in the military that gave him focus and direction that he credits for his success in school. And the scholarship support he… Continue reading

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Faculty Profile: Matthew Johnston

Nov 5, 2014

Matthew Johnston’s interest in multidisciplinary science and entrepreneurship is reflected in his career as an electrical engineer who specializes in developing electronic platforms that have applications in fields like chemistry, biology and medicine. “I’ve always been interested in non-standard applications of electrical engineering … especially biology and medicine, maybe because there are a lot of… Continue reading

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Engineering students rock the Rockwell Collins sponsored HWeekend

Oct 27, 2014

Projects like a prosthetic hand and a spinning LED display were completed in just 30 hours at Oregon State University’s second hardware weekend (HWeekend) on October 18-19. It was a feat that amazed everyone involved including representatives from the sponsoring company, Rockwell Collins. “I’m really impressed with the energy level and enthusiasm and the challenges… Continue reading

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