'Explainer in Chief' Retires

Distinguished Professor Tom Dietterich, who is considered one of the founders of machine learning, is retiring this year from Oregon State University, where he spent his entire career of 31 years.

Finding tech opportunities in rural Oregon

David Martinez expected he would have to move to a big city to get a job in computer science, but he got creative and found the perfect fit.

An unexpected dream

Oregon State was the conduit by which Nadia Payet found her way to Google from a tiny island in the Indian Ocean.

Channeling undergraduate enthusiasm

Undergraduates design and build low-cost portable PCR machines to detect viruses.

Ripples upon ripples

Oregon State researchers collaborate with national labs to advance wave energy research.

Our collaborative community, the innovative approaches we take to research and education, and the cultivation of leaders make our program truly outstanding.

Engineering News

OSU News Release

Advance in intense pulsed light sintering opens door to improved electronics manufacturing

Dec 22, 2016
Faster production of advanced, flexible electronics is among the potential benefits of a discovery by researchers at Oregon State Universitys College of Engineering. … Read full story.

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Morals, Ethics, & Regulatory Compliance

Engineers operate in a framework of regulatory compliance in virtually every aspect of their professional activities.  Learning to foresee and understand the potential conflicts between the behavioral requirements of…

College of Engineering Graduate Research Showcase

The College of Engineering is at the forefront of research and development to solve the world's most pressing problems. At the 2017 Graduate Research Showcase, graduate students will display and…
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Graduate student wins computer security competition

Dec 4, 2016

Graduate student Peter Rindal was on the winning team at an international computer security competition hosted by iDASH, a National Center for Biomedical Computing. The team members were interns and postdocs at Microsoft Research competing against seven other groups from around the world to win the Secure Outsourcing challenge. The competition pushed us to develop… Continue reading

EECS faculty and students win software engineering awards

Nov 28, 2016

Oregon State University faculty and students were well represented at the premiere software engineering conference, ACM SIGSOFT International Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE 2016) in Seattle November 13-18, 2016. Distinguished Professor Margaret Burnett gave a keynote address titled Womenomics and Gender-Inclusive Software: What Software Engineers Need to Know, and five of the… Continue reading

What is a masters degree in computer science good for?

Nov 17, 2016

Guest post by: Prof. Chris Scaffidi, computer science, Oregon State University Many people ask me whether they should pursue graduate school in computer science. Answering this question requires explaining what graduate school is good for. For the Ph.D., the answer is relatively simple. A Ph.D. primarily focuses on training students to do research. It also… Continue reading

In the News

Carlos Jensen has been appointed associate dean of undergraduate programs for the College of Engineering to develop policies and practices that improve academic and co-curricular programs.

NVIDIA founder, president, and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang ('84 BS EE) is driving the company's foray into artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Professors Mike Rosulek, Attila Yavuz, and Gencora Borradaile are working ways to address the issues of data security in the age of Big Data and cloud computing.

Lizhong Chen, along with Bella Bose andt Fawaz Alazemi, developed technology that improves the communication between cores of a computer chip, which can boost performance and energy efficiency.