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A Semantic Service Discovery Network for Large-Scale Ubiquitous Computing Environments

TitleA Semantic Service Discovery Network for Large-Scale Ubiquitous Computing Environments
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKang, S., D. Kim, Y. Lee, S. J. Hyun, D. Lee, and B. Lee
JournalETRI Journal
Pagination545 - 558
Date Published10/2007
Keywordsscalable semantic service discovery, semantic search, ubiquitous computing

This paper presents an efficient semantic service discovery scheme called UbiSearch for a large-scale ubiquitous computing environment. A semantic service discovery network in the semantic vector space is proposed where services that are semantically close to each other are mapped to nearby positions so that the similar services are registered in a cluster of resolvers. Using this mapping technique, the search space for a query is efficiently confined within a minimized cluster region while maintaining high accuracy in comparison to the centralized scheme. The proposed semantic service discovery network provides a number of novel features to evenly distribute service indexes to the resolvers and reduce the number of resolvers to visit. Our simulation study shows that UbiSearch provides good semantic searchability as compared to the centralized indexing system. At the same time, it supports scalable semantic queries with low communication overhead, balanced load distribution among resolvers for service registration and query processing, and personalized semantic matching.

Short TitleETRI Journal