CS 162: Luyao Zhang

Upon entering this class, we expect all students to (red text = math expectations):

  • Understand the following in C++:
    • Create and use classes and structs
    • Create and manipulate multidimensional arrays and vectors
    • Create and manipulate pointers
    • Allocate and deallocate dynamic memory (new, delete)
    • Create and use the following in a program: for-loops, while-loops, if-statements, switch statements, functions, reference parameters (call by reference)
  • Understand the following skills:
    • How to connect to the OSU servers via the command line (SSH)
    • How to transfer files to your engineering drives (via FTP, for example).
    • Basic use of the command line in Linux (e.g.: create and manage directories, create/save/copy/move files, zip/unzip files)
    • Access the department server to write, debug, compile, and execute C++ code
    • Access the Piazza forum to post questions and review answers
    • Search on Google to find solutions for problems you meet in programming assignments
    • Write a report to explain your design of the programs, the problems you meet during the development and the solutions you have come up with


mjb – July 5, 2017